Audio Video Systems

Music nourishes the soul. It relaxes the listener and allows them to unwind from a tense day at work or chasing the kids. Imagine being able to listen to your favorite music in any room in your home, easily accessing you music library from a customized user interface.  With a Whole House Audio System form Home Theater of Long Island, your favorite music is always at hand. Whether you listen to your I-Pod, I-tunes, internet music (Rhapsody, Pandora, etc.), music server, or CD, we’ll design a system that plays music throughout your home via hidden speakers and easy to use control.

We all love the large image and space-savings of Flat Panel TV’s due to our ability to place them anywhere. Fire places, behind paintings, in cabinets, and even on the ceiling. The problem becomes where to put everything else. The cable box, DVD player, receivers, and gaming systems often overwhelm the simple beauty of a Flat Panel TV. With a Whole House Video Distribution system designed by Home Theater of Long Island, we can place all your cable boxes, BluRay players, and other peripherals in a central location so the rooms of your home aren’t cluttered.