Lighting Control

Lighting sets the mood of a home. Imagine how gracious your next dinner party could be with a perfectly lit dining room: the chandelier above the dining table softly glows while the sconces on the wall shine a bit brighter so that your guests can see their place settings and admire your artwork. The living room and sitting room are dimly lit during dinner to avoid distraction but as the meal ends the lights subtly brighten, making these rooms inviting for after dinner conversation. After you bid your guests farewell, unnecessary lights automatically darken and the security system activates. All at the touch of a button or even set in advance! As if these advantages weren’t enough, a central lighting system is the easiest way to reduce electric bills and be environmentally friendly. Finally, you’re able to schedule all the lighting in your home to turn on and off at specific times. No more lighting an empty home because someone was rushing out the door. No more forgetting to turn on the landscaping lights at night or leaving them on all day. Even seasonal differences in sunrise and sunset can be anticipated. Not only does lighting control improve your property, it pays for itself in energy savings!