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Why Make the Switch to Smart Lighting Automation?

Two Compelling Reasons to Put Smart Lights in Your Home

Why Make the Switch to Smart Lighting Automation?

Some people think home lighting is merely functional. It serves its purpose by providing adequate illumination, and that’s about it. They don’t consider how lighting affects many aspects of their homes. From setting a mood and enhancing a room’s decor to providing one-touch control and automation, smart lighting dramatically transforms your living experience. In fact, lighting automation is one of the most popular and revolutionary smart home technologies on the market.

If you haven’t made the switch to smart lights, this article outlines the two reasons you should. Keep reading to see how automated lights add ambiance and luxury to your home in Roslyn, NY.

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  • Smart Lights Add Appeal to Your Home

Lights affect your mood. You probably never thought they did, but restaurateurs, entertainment venues, and business owners have known it for decades. Creating the right “feel” of a space is often accomplished by adjusting the intensity, color, and angle of lighting. Lutron brings that same technology home to you. Now, you can create the mood right in your living room, home theater, or outdoor entertainment spaces.

Because Lutron smart lights are tunable, you are able to program them to change brightness and hue based on the room, event, or time of day. For instance, if you’re planning a party, set the system for cool lighting in the kitchen, warm lights in the living room, and colorful lights outside. There are even lights that adjust to your body’s natural circadian rhythm – changing color and intensity from morning to evening.

  • Smart Lights Offer Seamless Control

Here’s what makes Lutron lights so smart. You control them with a smart home tablet, mobile device, or sleek wall touchpad. No need for switches! Instead, program your lights to operate automatically. When you leave for the day or an extended period, set the system for “away.” Then the lights operate on their own, making it look like your home is occupied.

If you wake at a specific time, program a lighting scene to help you ease into your day. When the alarm goes off, your bedroom lights slowly illuminate to a warm hue as your kitchen lights cast a bluer, brighter color to get you going for the day. Set a scene for all the moments in your life, such as movie time, dinner time, party time, vacation, and much more. Then, when the time comes, press a button, and all the lights adjust to your specifications.


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