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Elevate your lifestyle with smart voice control systems. Learn how Home Theater of Long Island can help you enjoy hands-free control of your Manhasset, NY, home.

Savant & Alexa: The Beginning of A Beautiful Friendship

Unlock the Remarkable Benefits of Living in a Smart Home with a Voice Control System

Savant & Alexa: The Beginning of A Beautiful Friendship

More and more people are using voice assistance with their smartphones. You probably do it too. If you’re looking for a restaurant, say, “best restaurants near me,” and top-rated dining establishments come up on your phone. Maybe you want to know the weather. That’s easy. Ask Siri, Google, or Alexa, “What will the weather be like today?” If you want to know the latest movies to stream on Netflix, just ask your phone or voice assistant, and you’ll get what you want.

But you may not realize that the same voice-assisted functionality appliesto your smart homein Manhasset, NY. In fact, Savant and Alexawork beautifully together to create a seamless and hands-free experience in your home. Keep reading to discover how  voice control systems elevate your lifestyle.