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A connected house connects all your smart devices and systems to a home automation platform. This allows effortless control of lighting, AV, security, and more.

Explore What Living in a Connected House Means

Live a Life of Luxury in a Smart Home

Explore What Living in a Connected House Means

As premier home automation and theater experts serving New York, NY, we’ve seen many luxury homes. These range from villas to penthouses and modern houses designed with geometric shapes and floor-to-ceiling windows. Having been in the smart home arena for over 15 years, however, we’ve come to understand the difference between a luxury home and luxurious living. 

A luxury home can provide a beautiful space to spend much of your time. Luxurious living, however, offers the ultimate in entertainment, lighting, and effortless control. This type of living is found in a connected house; a space managed easily and automatically.

Let’s explore a day of living in a connected home.