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Home automation provides one-touch and automated control of your home’s many connected systems and devices. Read on to learn about living in a Savant smart home.

Transform the Everyday into the Exceptional with Home Automation

The Essence of a Customized Smart Home

Transform the Everyday into the Exceptional with Home Automation

Long Island home automation has officially entered the mainstream. Today, it’s difficult to find a home without smart technology, whether smart lights, shades, security cameras, or speakers. In response, new do-it-yourself systems are entering the market almost daily, promising a smart home that offers convenience and security. 

Despite this influx, luxury homeowners in Long Island reach out almost daily to our AV and automation experts at Home Theater of Long Island. Why? Surely, they could save money with a DIY project. But, in the process, they’re missing out on the benefits we bring as a smart home installer with decades of experience.

Our smart homes do much more than offer one-touch and voice control of your lighting, climate, shades, security, pools, spas, gates, entertainment devices, and more. These homes are integrated technology marvels, with devices and systems that work together to bring unprecedented ease of use and enjoyment. They create the perfect setting without effort and ensure your home’s secure when you leave for the day or retire for the evening. And they offer the best entertainment available.

Let’s explore the essence of customized smart home automation. 


Savant Offers Home Automation Options to Make Your Living Space Lavish and Convenient.


Home automation options continue to evolve, taking smart homes to the next level when it comes to accommodating convenience. Savant can be a significant player in automating your home, offering dozens of integration options that elevate your daily life. 

Home Theater of Long Island can help you choose the right Savant solutions for your Garden City, NY, home. We’re here to assist whether you want to amp up your security or experience complete lighting control. Keep reading to discover what Savant can do to make your home feel new!

Experience Unprecedented Ease of Living with Home Automation

A Savant Smart Home Defines Luxury and Simple Control

Experience Unprecedented Ease of Living with Home Automation

At Home Theater of Long Island, we provide the latest in home automation and entertainment, creating a home that offers incredible ease of living and enjoyment. Our clients in New York, NY, vary widely, with some living in country estates and others in penthouses. Some want the best home theater entertainment available, while others like the ease of living when their smart home performs daily tasks and prepares itself for them in advance. 

What all our clients have in common is the desire for easy-to-use technology. After all, who wants to experience today’s automation if it brings frustration instead of effortless living? That’s why we partner with Savant, a home automation platform that makes managing your smart home easy. Let’s explore the makings of a Savant smart home.