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Get more out of your system with lighting automation technology. One-touch transforms the look of your home. Find out more here.

Lutron HomeWorks Complements Advanced Lighting Automation

Simplify control of your lights with LED fixtures, automated shades, and Savant

Lutron HomeWorks Complements Advanced Lighting Automation

One of the most used technologies in your Manhasset, NY property is lighting. In every room, closet, and cabinet, you can install beautiful, functional lighting fixtures. And if you're planning to automate your system, you can't go wrong with Lutron HomeWorks. Plus, you can enjoy smooth, intuitive control with a Savant home automation system.

So, how do Lutron and Savant lighting automation systems work together to improve your wellness, reduce your energy usage, and provide stunning light for your entire home? Keep reading to find out.