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How does circadian lighting work in your smart home? Click here to learn how tunable lights from USAI Lighting helps to improve your overall wellness.

How Circadian Lighting Transforms Your Smart Home

Create a Healthier Space with Savant and USAI Circadian Lighting

How Circadian Lighting Transforms Your Smart Home

Light has a direct effect on your circadian rhythm (or biological clock). Your body has a natural reaction to sunlight, which affects your sleep-wake cycle and energy levels throughout the day. However, most of us spend a considerable amount of time cooped up inside the house with minimal exposure to sunlight. But if you have circadian lighting, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of natural sunlight even while indoors.

USAI Lighting is an innovative company that designs lights to help homeowners maintain their circadian rhythm, thus creating a healthier environment at home. Moreover, by combining USAI Lighting products with a Savant automation system, you can blend this tunable lighting system perfectly into your smart home.

USAI Lighting has partnered with Savant, and the combination of both systems delivers outstanding lighting solutions. Read on to discover how both systems help homeowners in Manhasset, NY, transform their spaces.

Add Color and Comfort to Your Home with Circadian Lighting

Savant and USAI Create a High-End Lighting System That Practically Thinks for Itself

Add Color and Comfort to Your Home with Circadian Lighting

Chances are likely you’ve heard of circadian rhythm. Researchers define it as the 24-hour natural process that regulates our sleep-wake cycles. If your body is in sync with this rhythm, then you’ll likely feel alert and energized throughout the day and ready for bed in the evening. While each person’s circadian rhythm is largely determined by heredity, it’s also affected by outside forces – primarily light!

Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, you’ll find that natural and artificial light influences your energy level and even your mood. Savant has partnered with USAI to offer a circadian lighting system that helps you enjoy a comfortable home in Brookville, NY, and one that promotes wellness. Keep reading to learn more!