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Make your home more livable and loveable with home automation. Discover how an experienced smart home installer can help.

Discover What to Look for in a Smart Home Installer

This Partnership Is Key to Creating Your Vision

Discover What to Look for in a Smart Home Installer

Are you considering building the smart home of your dreams or transforming your current home into the most intelligent one in Syosset, NY? Congratulations! It’s a life-changing endeavor and one that will amaze and delight you. 

As a smart home installer for over 18 years, we’ve watched the evolution. At one time, turning lights on and off via a touchscreen was an incredibly convenient experience. Today, your lights transform automatically, adjusting to the level of natural light in a room and aligning with the color of the sun. Press a button, and your kitchen turns into an arctic blue wonderland. 

Times have changed, and smart home automation has changed with it.

With limitless options, how do you ensure you end up in a smart home that exceeds your expectations and more? There are some key points to consider when selecting the company that will turn your dreams into a reality.

Let’s explore what to look for in a home automation installer.

Enjoy the Magic in the Ultimate Smart Home

Experience the Difference an Expert-Level Smart Home Installer Makes

Enjoy the Magic in the Ultimate Smart Home

A smart home is much more than the sum of its parts. Yes, it offers incredible lighting that transforms throughout the day or creates the perfect setting for entertaining and relaxing. Yes, it provides shades that raise and lower based on the sun’s intensity and high-fidelity music that streams through your entire home with one touch.

But it’s how these systems and devices work together that creates the magic.

As a smart home installer serving Long Island, NY, for nearly 18 years, we’re passionate about creating smart homes in which each individual component works seamlessly together. The result is a home that responds to your needs, sometimes before you even know they exist. At Home Theater of Long Island, we’re committed to providing our clients with a life of incomparable ease, luxury, and entertainment.

Let’s explore what that truly means in a smart home installation.

Building a House or Renovating? Include a Smart Home Installer

Now’s the Perfect Opportunity to Make Your Home ‘Smart’

Building a House or Renovating? Include a Smart Home Installer

Think of the rooms of your Long Island home and let your imagination run wild. Picture the sounds of your favorite record flowing from room to room over whole-home speakers. Or envision lights that gradually adjust their brightness and color throughout the day, providing a warm, cozy atmosphere by nightfall. 

It’s all possible with a smart home system. Yet, in an era dominated by wireless technology, a wired system is still the most reliable option for guaranteed speed, sophistication, and security. A wired smart home ensures your home’s devices stay connected, and a smart home installer can make that happen.  

For homeowners in Sands Point, NY, and across Long Island, the optimal time to explore the possibilities of a smart home is during construction, renovation, or remodeling. Partnering with a professional smart home installer can provide invaluable benefits that architects and DIY enthusiasts may not be able to offer. Let's delve into the advantages.

Two Unique Reasons Savant Is Your Best Choice for Home Automation

Discover How This Premier System Enhances the Way You Connect and Manage Your Living Spaces

Two Unique Reasons Savant Is Your Best Choice for Home Automation

A home automation system should furnish you with simple, intuitive, and comprehensive control of your home’s living spaces. As your expert smart home installer, we continually research and sift through the latest platforms and devices to bring you reliable service that grows with your needs.

We use Savant Systems not only to meet but exceed your expectations for sophisticated management and control of your home’s environment and entertainment. The company, founded in 2005, allows you to incorporate thousands of devices, ensuring you never have to worry about upgrading appliances or entertainment equipment.

Are you curious about the potential for your luxury New York, NY home or apartment? Continue reading below to learn more.