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Savant shades offer the ultimate in convenience, aesthetics, and comfort. Discover how they integrate into smart home living.

Savant Shades: The Pinnacle of Luxury Living

Discover the Beauty and Convenience of Automated Shades

Savant Shades: The Pinnacle of Luxury Living

As a homeowner in Nassau County, NY, you want to experience the best entertainment and aesthetics while feeling safe and secure in your luxury home. A Savant smart home offers this and more, with state-of-the-art security, stunning home theaters, illumination that mimics sunlight, and high-fidelity music in every room.

However, there is one smart home integration feature you may be missing out on that provides the ultimate convenience, safety, and comfort. Automated shades manage daylight and privacy with one touch or voice command, letting you simultaneously adjust one or every shade. This extreme convenience is why this smart home feature is one of the most requested by designers, homeowners, and architects. 

Recently, Savant, the industry leader in luxury home automation, came out with their expanded line of Inception shades designed by J Geiger. These shades are unlike anything else in this category, providing custom-built, architecturally designed, exposed roller shades for quintessential luxury living.

Let's explore their many features and why more homeowners embrace Savant shades.