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Articles in Category: Smart Lighting Control

Are you looking for an advanced smart lighting control system? Read our blogs to learn about the latest developments in the industry.

How Smart Lighting Adds Beauty While Reducing Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Transform Your Home with Smart Lighting Control Systems

How Smart Lighting Adds Beauty While Reducing Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Great lighting can transform a home. With just the right hue, intensity, and placement, it creates the ideal balance of light and shade, drawing attention to the most impressive architectural designs.

Brighter, blue-toned lights help retain your focus, while soft, warm red hues help you relax. Good lighting creates an atmosphere in a room. Great lighting compels you to stop and stare for a few minutes, taking in all the beauty and ambiance.

As Edward P. Bartholomew, professor of architecture, stated, “Light should not interpret architecture; it must transform it.”

Today’s smart lighting control systems make it easy to change the lighting in your Brookville, NY home with the touch of a button. You now have a myriad of colors to choose from and lighting that automatically changes throughout the day. In the process, you’re reducing your carbon footprint and conserving energy.

Lutron Brings Safety, Security, and Beauty to Your Home

The Power of Lutron’s Smart Lighting Control

Lutron Brings Safety, Security, and Beauty to Your Home

Since the 1950s, Lutron has been at the leading edge of technology-driven advancements in lighting and shading. From creating the first solid-state dimmer to the first self-contained preset lighting control system, their innovations and numerous patents span the globe. Today, you can find their lighting solutions worldwide, from the 52-story New York Times Building to the Guggenheim Museum in Spain. 

Let’s look at what Lutron’s smart lighting control can do for your home in Sands Point, NY. 

Lutron RadioRA 2: Smart Lighting Control & Much More

Expand Your Smart Home System with Intuitive Lighting Technology from Lutron

Lutron RadioRA 2: Smart Lighting Control & Much More

Smart lights offer more than just the ability to control one bulb in a lamp. Still, some people think that’s what a smart lighting system is all about: smart bulbs placed in various rooms in the house. That may work for some people, but when you have the Lutron RadioRA 2 in your Manhasset, NY, home, you enjoy the ultimate in smart lighting control. Take command of your lighting system in any room, raise and lower window shades, and set occupancy sensors for complete home control.

Isn’t that much better than having one smart light bulb? In this blog, we’ll dive into all the surprising benefits of having a Lutron RadioRA 2 system. Keep reading to see how it elevates your lifestyle through seamless automation.