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Make an Upgrade with Lutron Whole-Home Systems

Discover the true benefits of lighting , shading, and whole-home control with Lutron

Make an Upgrade with Lutron Whole-Home Systems

Luxury homes have many attractive features, such as custom architecture, interior design, bespoke furnishings, beautiful cabinetry, and even rare artwork. But what truly creates a stunning interior space, and one that offers true luxury, is the lighting. After all, without lighting, all of that beauty is hidden. However, with the right lighting in your rooms, your home will shine!

Besides transforming the aesthetics of your home, the lighting design and shading systems also offer countless security and privacy benefits. And with Lutron, you can control all home technologies from a centralized hub. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your home to make it more intuitive and easier to control, Lutron whole-home systems are exactly what you need. Read on to discover how they add value, appeal, and security to your Glenhead, NY home.

4 Reasons Your Home Needs Lutron Palladiom Wireless Shades

Experience a new sense of luxury with shading control

4 Reasons Your Home Needs Lutron Palladiom Wireless Shades

Motorized window treatments make all the difference in the aesthetics of homes as well as their sleek functionality for homeowners. From beautiful designs to seamless control to energy-saving features, the benefits of shading control seem limitless. 

However, Lutron now offers another benefit: wireless shades! Lutron Palladiom wireless shades offer all the features that a shading system can provide to automated spaces, but they don’t require hardwiring for installation. The unique design incorporates cutting-edge technology, making it the first choice for your home - especially in locations where hardwiring would be a challenge.

Read on to discover why your home in Greenwich, CT needs the Palladiom wireless shading system.

Here’s What to Expect from a Home Theater Installation

Learn What an Entertainment Overhaul from Home Theater of Long Island Entails

Here’s What to Expect from a Home Theater Installation

The thought of going from a traditional living room TV setup to a personalized home theater may seem daunting, but when you have a professional team by your side, it can become an exciting time. 

Discover how you can change the way you entertain in your Garden City, NY home with a home theater installation. Below, we’ll walk you through the installation process and explain what you can expect once you decide to get started on a home entertainment upgrade. Keep scrolling to read the blog.

Sony Laser Projectors: Perfect for Home Theater Systems

Enliven your viewing experience with a high-end Sony projector in your home cinema

Sony Laser Projectors: Perfect for Home Theater Systems

How much time do you spend in your home theater? A few hours a week or much more? Regardless of the amount of time, it’s vital to have the best visual and auditory experience possible. Not only can your dedicated space be used for watching movies, but it is an excellent place to host game parties, play video games, or binge-watch TV shows.

While the different elements that make up home theater systems provide endless entertainment to homeowners, the main highlight is always the display. Different brands offer premium quality video displays, but none compare to the visuals of Sony’s latest projectors.

Sony has laser projectors with 4k visuals that surpass those offered by others. Read on to discover what laser projectors are and how Sony’s products enhance home entertainment in your Old Brookville, NY, home.