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Simplify commands, manage energy, and enhance security with comprehensive, one-touch lighting control in your Armonk, NY property. Find out more here.

Upgrade Your Old Home with Wireless Smart Lighting Control

Lutron HomeWorks and Radio RA 2 deliver unparalleled illumination control without extensive wiring.

Upgrade Your Old Home with Wireless Smart Lighting Control

Did you know that, according to an S&P survey, more than a third of Americans will have smart home features in their property by the end of 2021? Smart tech is more popular than ever, with many claiming they would pay more for a property with integrated control.

Among the most popular ways to upgrade your Armonk, NY home is with smart lighting control. Not only will it raise your property's value, but it can also enhance the beauty, security, and efficiency of your everyday activities.

But for many homeowners with older properties, wiring for smart control might seem out of the question. Instead, Lutron offers local integration points and wireless control for lighting in any room. Want to find out how Lutron makes wireless control possible and how you can command every light in your home at once? Keep reading to learn more.