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Home Theater of Long Island is your premier home automation and smart home security systems provider serving Syosset, NY. Call us to learn more! 

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Security System?

Protect Your Home & Loved Ones with the Latest Security Features

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Security System?

In recent years, home security systems have shifted from a security camera and an alarm to smart systems that integrate with home automation platforms. These provide robust measures that secure your home from thieves and environmental threats while protecting your toddlers heading in the wrong direction. 

Today, you can view your security camera feed online from anywhere and create digital tripwires that send an alert when crossed. You'll also receive notifications should rising humidity, moisture, or temperatures suggest failed equipment or damage from a weather-related event.

Let’s explore the many unique features today’s smart home security systems offer and how they provide peace of mind to homeowners in Syosset, NY.