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Articles in Category: Climate Control

Climate control is one of the costliest technologies in your home. Find out how smart automation can help manage your usage.

Create The Perfect Environment With Climate Control From Savant

Experience the Wonder of a System That Enhances Your Comfort and Well-Being, Automatically!

Create The Perfect Environment With Climate Control From Savant

Smart home technology provides ways to optimize how you live, work, and play, making your living spaces personalized to your needs and desires. You experience the luxury of home automation at the touch of a button or the sound of your voice - control lighting, media, and security, surrounding yourself with the ultimate convenience. 

While entertainment and ambiance are essential, true solace comes from an environment that adjusts to your preference at any time of day or night. The Savant Multistat and its advanced climate control system keep you satisfied and comfortable, improving your overall well-being. 

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of a personalized environment in your Glen Head, NY, home? Keep reading below to discover more. 

Savant Brings Customized, Intuitive Climate Control to Your Home

Control Your Home’s Temperature, Humidity, and Healthy Air Flow From Anywhere

Savant Brings Customized, Intuitive Climate Control to Your Home

If you’re familiar with home automation, you know that there are numerous smart thermostats on the market. Some simply change the thermostat via voice control or the use of an app. Others adjust the temperature throughout the day, ensuring the home’s climate falls within the homeowner’s desired range. 

A Savant smart home takes climate control to a whole new level. Let’s look at what this system can do for your home in Glen Head, NY. 

Live Comfortably with Smart Climate Control

How the Savant Multistat Puts Indoor Temperature Control at Your Fingertips

Live Comfortably with Smart Climate Control

The sun rises. The sun sets. And all the while, your indoor home environment experiences temperature fluctuations throughout the day and evening. It may be a degree or two – or even a bigger difference between rooms. This makes your indoor comfort level less than ideal. Fortunately, smart technology has made it easier for homeowners to ensure the perfect temperature in every room.

A smart climate control system from Savant makes all the temperature adjustments for you. The company’s Multistat product integrates beautifully with your smart home system to provide one-touch convenience and a comfortable atmosphere in your Control Oyster Bay, NY, home all year long. Read more to learn how Savant’s Multistat makes home life easier and more pleasant for you.

3 Smart Reasons to Invest in Automated Climate Control

Simplify comfort with energy-conscious smart technology

3 Smart Reasons to Invest in Automated Climate Control

The weather is cooling quickly here in the Big Apple, and many locals are huddling inside for warmth. It’s shaping up to be a cold winter in New York, NY. So, you’ll probably want to get the most out of your comfort technology at home this year.

Smart climate control technology is a great, hands-free way to stay comfortable throughout your property. Thanks to advanced settings, you'll enjoy cozy rooms that won't break the bank regarding energy consumption.

Want to find out how you can benefit from upgrading your climate control system this year? Keep reading for more.