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How Circadian Lighting Transforms Your Smart Home

Create a Healthier Space with Savant and USAI Circadian Lighting

How Circadian Lighting Transforms Your Smart Home

Light has a direct effect on your circadian rhythm (or biological clock). Your body has a natural reaction to sunlight, which affects your sleep-wake cycle and energy levels throughout the day. However, most of us spend a considerable amount of time cooped up inside the house with minimal exposure to sunlight. But if you have circadian lighting, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of natural sunlight even while indoors.

USAI Lighting is an innovative company that designs lights to help homeowners maintain their circadian rhythm, thus creating a healthier environment at home. Moreover, by combining USAI Lighting products with a Savant automation system, you can blend this tunable lighting system perfectly into your smart home.

USAI Lighting has partnered with Savant, and the combination of both systems delivers outstanding lighting solutions. Read on to discover how both systems help homeowners in Manhasset, NY, transform their spaces.

A Home Surveillance System Protects People & Property

Give Your Family Peace of Mind with Complete Alarm & Video Coverage

A Home Surveillance System Protects People & Property

Home means different things to different people; for many, it is a place where they can freely express themselves, unfettered by the constraints of the outside world. Whether a house is a place where your sense of style runs free or one that provides the best environment for your family, safety is always a top priority. 

As we all live a little differently, a one-size-fits-all home surveillance system cannot amply furnish you with comprehensive coverage. Rather than offering cookie-cutter solutions, our team of certified designers and integrators access your need for video cameras, access control, and remote monitoring.

Are you looking for a better way to protect your home in Upper Brookville, NY and the surrounding area? Continue reading below to discover more. 

How Motorized Shades Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Save Energy in Style by Adding Motorized Shades to Your Home

How Motorized Shades Make Your Home Energy Efficient

You have more than likely heard of the infamous motorized shades by now. The cordless window treatments are automated and a perfect fit for the modern home. Besides adding luxury and style to your smart home, they also help homeowners save money in the long run.

Savant and Lutron have developed the most luxurious motorized shading systems for your New York, NY residence. Read on to find the features of both!

Make Your Home More Liveable with Automated Shades

Window Treatments Offer Substance Without Sacrificing Style

Make Your Home More Liveable with Automated Shades

How your home looks and feels is crucial to your sense of comfort; when the décor does not inspire, then true relaxation is difficult to achieve. Window treatments complete the style of a room and make it a welcoming environment; they offer more than a final fit and finish.

We love our windows; they open up the walls of the house, making it less claustrophobic and let the natural rays of the sun into your daily routine. Automated shades from Savant save you money and protect your privacy while accenting your aesthetics with various styles and high fashion. 

Are you curious about what is possible with your Manhasset, NY home? Continue reading below to learn more.