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Home Theater of Long Island partners with best-in-class brands to deliverthe ultimate home theater installationin your Oyster Bay, NY home. Learn more here.

Why You Need Home Theater Installation

Create a Personal Cinema That Is the Ideal Space for Home Entertainment

Why You Need Home Theater Installation

Transform your home into a more entertaining space – one that is ideal for movie watching, gaming, and listening to your favorite songs from high-end speakers. How can you do it? A home theater may be what you're looking for. It provides a dedicated environment that is perfectly designed to suit all of your home-entertainment comforts. 

Imagine reclining in your luxury seats, picking up your smart home tablet, and controlling any technology in your room with the tap of an icon. One touch . . . and movies come alive while incredible sound fills the room! If that's not convincing enough, read on to discover why you need home theater installation in your Oyster Bay, NY residence. 

The Latest Technology That Is Transforming Home Theaters

Sony’s New Patented Technology Takes Movie Viewing to a New Level

 The Latest Technology That Is Transforming Home Theaters

Have you been considering a home theater installation for your Oyster Bay, NY, home? We know it can be overwhelming. There's a lot to consider, such as the layout, design, video, and audio display. 

At Home Theater of Long Island, we have decades of experience in smart home automation and home theater design and installation. Let us help you put your vision on paper and then into concrete form. We exceed our client's expectations because of our attention to detail and the industry-leading brands that we call partners. One of these is Sony. 

Sony started in 1946 with one premise in mind, to do what was never done before in the world of technology. So far, they've kept their promise. Today, they offer the top solutions for premier home theater installations. 

Sony sees the theater experience from both sides of the lens – as the technology company and as Sony Pictures, the mastermind behind Spider-man, Ghostbusters, and many other top-rated film productions. As a result, they've created the ultimate video experience, the one that movie producers and directors envisioned while on the movie set. So let's see what this transformational company is up to now.