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3 Things to Consider When Designing Your Home Theater Setup

How to Create the Cinematic Experience You Want in Your Home Theater

3 Things to Consider When Designing Your Home Theater Setup

If you are considering a home theater for your Syosset, NY home, you may be at a loss as to where to start. There are a great many options to consider. So, it can be a bit overwhelming to choose which is best. What type of seats do you need? Should you settle for front-facing speakers, a soundbar, or surround sound? And, the big question is, which is better: a TV or a projector? 

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers! Keep reading to learn about the three most important things to consider for your home theater setup.

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Comfortable seating that gives everyone a clear view of the screen is a must for every home theater. What type of seating will work best for your situation depends on how you plan to use your home theater. If you have other living areas with TVs in your home and want to use your home theater solely for watching movies, then consider theater seating. These seats are designed to give everyone a clear view of the screen. They aren’t the best for making conversation, though.

If you intend to use your home theater setup for more than just viewing movies, then a comfortable sectional sofa or reclining chairs may be the right choice for you. These types make it easy for you to sit and visit with your friends and family, as well as provide you with a great view of the screen.


High-quality surround sound is one of the reasons people still go to movie theaters. To make the most of your home theater, you will want to do the same in your home. Whether you choose hidden speakers or large decorative ones, the critical part is the sound they give. 

You will want speakers installed in the right place to achieve authentic surround sound. Make sure the speakers are capable of giving true and clear sound regardless of the volume you choose to listen to them. The ideal setup is a 5.1 one surround-sound system: two front-facing speakers, a center speaker, two side speakers, and one subwoofer. But there are other configurations available too! 


Of course, no home theater setup would be complete without a large, high-quality viewing screen. If you intend to use the room solely for movie watching, you may want a projector and screen for an authentic movie theater experience. Modern projectors can be linked to the internet and allow you to view anything available through streaming services on your screen. Of course, they can also be connected to DVD players and home media servers. 

If you intend to watch other media in your home theater, like live sports or other live TV events, you will likely want a smart TV instead of a projector. A high-end, large-screen TV, such as an OLED, gives you crystal clear video in high definition, perfect for watching the big game or your favorite movie.


Make your dream home theater a reality. Contact the experts at Home Theater of Long Island. We will happily answer questions and tell you about our many home theater options. Then we will design and install the home theater you envisioned.