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4 Reasons Your Home Needs Lutron Palladiom Wireless Shades

Experience a new sense of luxury with shading control

4 Reasons Your Home Needs Lutron Palladiom Wireless Shades

Motorized window treatments make all the difference in the aesthetics of homes as well as their sleek functionality for homeowners. From beautiful designs to seamless control to energy-saving features, the benefits of shading control seem limitless. 

However, Lutron now offers another benefit: wireless shades! Lutron Palladiom wireless shades offer all the features that a shading system can provide to automated spaces, but they don’t require hardwiring for installation. The unique design incorporates cutting-edge technology, making it the first choice for your home - especially in locations where hardwiring would be a challenge.

Read on to discover why your home in Greenwich, CT needs the Palladiom wireless shading system.


1. A Seamless Blend in Every Room

One of the main reasons the Palladiom shades are popular among homeowners is the wide range of fabric options they get. Whether you want a specific design, pattern, or material, you can choose whatever suits your preferences with Lutron shading systems. Consequently, you can get a seamless blend with the home’s interior in every room. 

2. A Long Battery Life

Lutron offers hassle-free solutions for homeowners. If you prefer to avoid the mess of installing a hardwired system, or the location of your windows is not close to an electrical power source, then Lutron’s Palladiom’s wireless solution. 

This advanced shading system relies on batteries. The batteries are long-lasting and can easily operate your shading system for years. The cutting-edge technology used in these motorized window treatments optimizes the energy the alkaline batteries use, allowing them to last for an extended period. The battery life can stretch as long as five years, depending on your usage. 

3. Maximizes Daylight Savings with Automated Control

The Palladiom wireless shading system allows you to maximize daylight savings by rolling the shades up when the sun is out to ensure your home’s lights aren’t used. But you don’t have to do it manually!

The automated control system self-adjusts throughout the day, based on a schedule or using sensors, for hassle-free management. But you can also change the position of the shades at any time with a single button press using Lutron HomeWorks. The contemporary and stylish control panels can easily roll the shades up or down as needed. 

4. Noise-Free Operation

Conventional shading systems that work on motors always create that annoying humming noise. But with Lutron’s Palladiom wireless shades, you enjoy all the benefits of automated window treatments minus the noise. 

The latest technology used in the shading system eliminates all noise, allowing you to enjoy the view or roll down the shades without any disturbances. Add shading control to your home for a true luxury experience. Home Theater of Long Island is a certified dealer of Lutron and provides hassle-free integration of the shading system.


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