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4 Ways Motorized Shades Make Your Luxury Home Even More Luxurious

Discover How Smart Window Treatments Make Your Living Spaces More Comfortable, Secure, and Efficient

4 Ways Motorized Shades Make Your Luxury Home Even More Luxurious

The philosopher Echart Tolle once stated that "The window frame is not that important. What is important is the light that comes through the window." Often relegated as a simple design feature, window treatments are an essential element of the modern smart home, allowing the control of natural light through the window while changing the overall appearance of a room. 

Would you like to make more of your windows and your living spaces? Continue reading below to learn four reasons why you should upgrade to motorized shades in your Glen Head, NY home. 

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1. Designs That Captivate

Automated shades and blinds were once limited, lacking depth and distracting the eye. Today's manufacturers collaborate with world-class textile mills, top interior designers, and technology experts to offer sophisticated options. Whether you desire a spectrum of colors, patterns, or styles, you can rest assured that one complements your aesthetic and vision. 

2. Personalized Privacy 

Looking out through expansive bay windows or stunning glass walls delivers the pleasure of watching the waves roll in, the pool's shimmering blue, or the landscaping's enchanting green. Yet, the clarity also means your neighbors and passersby can see inside. Motorized shades give you the power to control the level of transparency you desire. Use black-out shades for better sleep or create a lush and romantic atmosphere with sheer shades. 

3. Elegant and Smooth Operation

If you last looked at automated shades some time ago, today's models are far from the industrial-centric models of the past. Instead of producing a clunky racket, modern shades are whisper quiet. At the touch of a button or your voice, a wall of window treatments moves in synchronicity, barely registering to your ears while you read in the den, meditate in the spa, or enjoy a show in the media room. 

4. Manage Energy Costs

There are many benefits to incorporating sunlight into your home, such as a more energized brain, greater visual definition, and improved health. Unfortunately, the resulting heat can make a room feel stuffy and uninviting. Combining built-in sensors and a smart home system, your shades automatically close during the hottest parts of the day, reducing the stress on your HVAC system and lowering energy costs.  

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