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8 Ways WAC Lighting Beautifies Your Yard and Home

Discover a Luxury Choice for Landscape Lighting on Your Property

8 Ways WAC Lighting Beautifies Your Yard and Home

Make your home look as beautiful on the outside as it is inside. Elegant and awe-inspiring landscape lighting from WAC Lighting transforms your yard into an enviable space. Choose from a wide selection of products to highlight and brighten your propertyAs an added perk, just like every other smart technology, you can control the entire lighting system via a smart home tablet or smartphone. 

For more than 35 years, WAC Lighting has designed and built lighting products that bring value and appeal to properties worldwide. They offer a wide range of lighting solutions that include ceiling and wall lights, recessed and track lighting, outdoor lighting, and much more. Highly dependable and beautifully designed, their lighting products offer creative and reliable ways to bring new light to property owners. 

Keep reading to discover eight ways WAC’s outdoor lighting enhances the beauty of your home in Glen Head, NY. 

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Spotlights and Floodlights

Show off your property with spotlights that accent your home’s architecture and landscaping. It’s an impressive way to create curb appeal and brag about your home. Spotlights and floodlights from WAC Lighting come in many styles and finishes to complement your preferencesas well as color-changing options if you want to add personality to your integrated lighting design scheme. 

Walkway and Pathway Lights

Make your property more welcoming and your walkways safer. Pathway lights not only illuminate the surfaces and steps around your home, but they add beauty to your outdoor areas. Whether you want bollard-style pathway lights that stand out for added effect or simple deck and marker lights for a subtle approach, you’ll find the perfect pathway light to light the way with WAC Lighting.

Hardscape and Masonry Lighting

Who’s going to see your hardscape features in the evening? Nobody will without hardscape lighting. That lovely fountain, your stone firepit, the custom masonry designs on your home, and your beautiful paver patio can all be illuminated with hardscape lighting. Like other outdoor lighting products from WAC Lighting, these lights use LED fixtures to deliver energy-efficient and dimmable lighting for all your hardscapes. 

In-Ground and Well Lights

Sometimes you want the impressive effect of lighting, but you don’t want to see the fixture. WAC Lighting offers in-ground and well lights that illuminate small and large areas – casting a warm glow from “unseen” sources. It’s an excellent way to brighten your outdoor entertainment space and darker areas on your property without drawing attention to the lighting fixture. WAC offers a wide assortment of in-ground lights that include bi-directional and quad-directional models. 

Indicator Lights

Big lights create a big impression. But don’t forget the power of niche indicator lights. In fact, some might say that niche lighting is what ensures a stunning nighttime landscape. These lighting products are ideal for highlighting shrubs, trees, and garden locations that do not require heavy illumination. Instead, they add refined character to your home and beauty to your lawn. 

Outdoor LED Tape

Low-voltage LED tape is highly effective at creating a luxury look for your outdoor areas. It produces a consistent strip of light for ceilings, decks, stairs, and many other places on your property. Use it to produce clean outlines for your patio, gazebo, or even the upper and lower edges of your home. The photo above shows you how LED tape adds a level of elegance to your home.

Underwater Lighting 

Who wants to swim in a dark pool? Or what’s the point of having a well-designed pond if it goes black in the evening? Light them up with underwater lighting.Your family, guests, and even your fish will appreciate it! Underwater lights make your pool more appealing in the evening. If you have a pond in your yard, you can enjoy a beautifully illuminated waterscape while admiring the aquatic life and softly cascading waterfalls. 

Color-Changing Lights

Dare to be different. Your home doesn’t need to look like the others on the block. Instead, showcase your landscape and home with colored lighting. Nearly every lighting product mentioned above comes with color-changing features. Imagine hosting an outdoor get-together – enjoying landscape audio – while the lights on your home and patio change colors to enhance the experience. It’s easy to choose the colors you want via your smart home tablet. 

Would you like to add vibrancy and lighting to your landscape? Call Home Theater of Long Island or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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