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Boost Your Home’s Entertainment with Whole-Home Audio

Make your home more enjoyable by adding a music system in every room

Boost Your Home’s Entertainment with Whole-Home Audio

While it is common to have a music system in the media room or speakers in a dedicated listening room or home theater, that only offers limited coverage. However, if you opt for a whole-house audio system, you can listen to any song throughout the house, even in outdoor spaces. Home audio systems are an excellent choice for boosting entertainment. Read on to discover the benefits of whole-home audio in your Syosset, NY, residence. 


Same Audio in Every Room

One of the best parts about having a music system installed throughout your home is listening to the same audio in every room. Imagine watching your favorite movie, but as you get up to grab a quick snack, the movie’s audio will play in every home area, including the kitchen. You won’t miss out on any scenes even when you’re not in the home theater---without having to pause the video. 

Custom Audio in Different Rooms

While listening to songs or any other audio throughout the house is an excellent way to enhance your listening experience, you can even customize what audio plays in different parts with whole-house audio. For instance, the media room can play your favorite song while someone else can listen to a podcast in the kitchen. 

Eliminates Clutter

Many homeowners are more familiar with conventional home audio systems. But in luxury homes, instead of using floor-standing speakers in every room, in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are used. They do not take up excessive space and are easily installed while providing high-performance sound. It reduces clutter and does not hinder the home’s décor, making it a perfect entertainment solution. 

Access to Multiple Streaming Platforms

Through your multi-room audio system, you can access multiple streaming platforms to expand your music library. Some popular streaming services include Spotify, Amazon Music, Pandora, iTunes, etc. Easily switch out sources and play different playlists in every room or one throughout the house. 

Numerous Control Options

Another top benefit of having a music system in an automated home is enjoying hassle-free control options. It is possible to control the home audio systems using mobile phones, tablets, smart remotes, table-top, or wall-mounted touch interfaces. The control systems can be set up in your preferred locations, or you can access the system from anywhere with your smartphone. 

Are you ready to integrate whole-home audio into your Syosset, NY, residence? Home Theater of Long Island offers the best entertainment solutions for residential spaces. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at 516-365-HIFI or fill out our contact form to get more details.