Complete Your Outdoor Entertainment System with High-Quality Audio

Bask in a Symphony of Sound with Coastal Source Outdoor Speakers

Complete Your Outdoor Entertainment System with High-Quality Audio

Everyone loves a party on the patio – complete with a football game on the big screen, playing in the pool, or casual conversation over dinner on the deck. No matter your reason for using your outdoor entertainment system, the experience is fun and bound to be contagious.

But how enjoyable would those experiences be without the depth and excitement only high-quality audio can add? Nobody wants to miss the announcement of a touchdown, hear their favorite song on the radio, or have a conversation drowned out by nearby traffic. These are all potential downers if your outdoor entertainment system doesn’t have great outdoor audio.

Continue reading to learn how Coastal Source outdoor speakers can enhance your outdoor entertainment experiences in Sands Point, NY.

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Speakers Made for Outdoors

If you want memorable outdoor entertainment experiences, you should only choose products made for the outdoors. Coastal Source sound systems are optimized for outdoor use. They produce such an extraordinary sound that you’ll think the symphony is playing right in your backyard. Best of all, Coastal Source speakers can withstand the elements of nature, including corrosion and ultraviolet and thermal damage.

Clear Sound at Any Volume

You won’t always want to have loud thumping bass or 80s rock blasting. After all, there are many different ways to enjoy your outdoor entertainment system. In some instances, like a quiet dinner with friends, you may find background music at a lower volume to be the perfect addition to the outdoor ambiance – a quiet distraction from other natural sounds in your backyard. Coastal Source speakers provide the perfect distortion-free, balanced sound regardless of the volume level. 

An Integrated System

To truly add Coastal Source speakers to your outdoor entertainment system, you’ll want to add them to your smart home control or indoor sound system. We can help you with either option. Speakers will work from a standard 120-volt outlet outside, so if you have this already available, our team can install them quickly. Coastal Source speakers also work with streaming services from your mobile device, such as Bluetooth.

Positioned for Perfection

A wide range of Coastal Source speakers in various sizes and styles would fit nicely into your outdoor entertainment system. You can choose whether to install them above ground or (as with subwoofers) partially bury them into your landscaping – either way, the sound will still be excellent. Be sure to space speakers around your yard for the best surround sound experience. Remember, when it comes to a sound-enhanced outdoor space, more speakers are better!


If you want to learn more about Coastal Source speaker options for your outdoor entertainment system in Sands Point, NY, call us or fill out our online contact form.

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