Digital Threats Can Strike at Any Time

Protect your home networking system with the latest security features.

Digital Threats Can Strike at Any Time

Protecting your New York, NY property has never been more challenging. Not only do you have to keep safe from physical crime (the holiday season tends to bring about porch pirates), but you also have to consider invisible threats this year.

Thankfully, it’s easy to keep your home networking system safe from harm with the latest virus protection. By implementing security at multiple points, you can protect what matters most -- without suffering from latency or blackouts.

Want to find out what you need to keep your smart home running? Keep reading below.

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Keep Your Smart Home Running

Networking lets your smart home run. In other words, an outdated network slows operations, while a newer one helps every device's signal travel further and more efficiently. Think of it as the difference between a dirt road and a multi-lane highway. Stronger networking allows your signals to travel farther, faster, and without stopping along the way.

If you have a large home, the right network ensures the signal gets everywhere. Mesh networking covers an entire property with a hard-to-hack grid. Anywhere in your home, you’ll have the same high-quality signal, no slowdowns, and fast response times.

There are a couple of significant types of home networking for many homeowners: one that connects installed devices and another that connects mobile devices. That keeps you browsing the internet without slowing down other operations. In some smart properties, a combination of hardwired and wireless networking works best. Other networks for guests offer limited access to protect your system without putting too much strain on it.

Protecting Your Network

More time spent on your network means higher exposure to potential internet threats. If you’re working from home, streaming movies, gaming online, or doing anything else that involves the internet, you’ll need to ensure full protection.

Multi-point digital security protects multiple vulnerability points, so your system won't succumb to viruses, hackers, or malware. From the router to the computer, threats have multiple vulnerabilities to exploit. A comprehensive solution that includes a firewall, anti-virus, and the latest threat detection helps you stay safe.

Additionally, cloud-app protection ensures that downloaded apps are safe. By keeping an eye on their operation, it makes sure no threats are using a back door.

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