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Enjoy Fast and Reliable Connectivity with Wi-Fi 6

Advanced networking solutions enhance your home experience

Enjoy Fast and Reliable Connectivity with Wi-Fi 6

Designing a luxury home involves more than paint palettes and vintage furniture. These days, technology takes center stage as well. From security systems and home entertainment features to lighting and shading solutions, every element needs to run smoothly for you to experience the ultimate lifestyle. 

That’s where home networking solutions come in. Most homeowners prefer wireless networking systems today. But the problem with standard Wi-Fi systems is that they often can’t handle the demand of all the connected devices in homes. 

But Wi-Fi 6 is the ultimate solution that can help you fix this issue. Read on to discover how it can offer faster and more reliable connectivity at your New York, NY, home. 


Built for Automated Homes

Wi-Fi 6 is an enterprise-grade home networking protocol ideal for luxury homes. The high-bandwidth wireless system is specifically designed to optimize connected devices with little lag. Have your Wi-Fi system immediately recognize your devices while excluding others to avoid interference from nearby networks or wi-fi enabled products. 

But the best part of all is its speed and security. Most Wi-Fi systems are prone to cyber-attacks. But not Wi-Fi 6. This system is specially designed to offer high levels of security and connectivity that are on par with Ethernet connections. 

Advanced home networking systems can easily handle heavy traffic. Whether you want to run home devices or stream 4k content with high-end AV solutions, Wi-Fi 6 is equipped to fulfill all your networking requirements without a hitch. 

A Strong and Consistent Connection 

Wi-Fi 6 offers faster, stronger, and more consistent connectivity throughout the home. All while preserving the battery life of in-home devices. 

With Wi-Fi 6, the life of the batteries can be conserved by using the Target Wait Time approach. In this case, individual units remain inactive when not in use. However, when a device needs to be used, the radio is turned on to carry the necessary communications. Consequently, the battery life lasts much longer, thus reducing the need for frequent charging or replacement. 

Enterprise-grade networking solutions are what you need to run your home effortlessly while still enjoying high-speed internet. Home Theater of Long Island can help you implement Wi-Fi 6 in your home. It doesn’t matter how many devices need to be connected; our team will ensure you benefit from maximized bandwidth for flawless results. 

We are the leading home networking integrators in New York, NY, with a team of certified and experienced technicians. Start your project today by calling us at 516-365-HIFI. You can also send us queries regarding your project by filling out an easy online contact form.