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Enjoy Next-Level Viewing in Your Custom Home Theater

Stewart Filmscreen Provides Unmatched Quality with Their Handcrafted Projector Screens

Enjoy Next-Level Viewing in Your Custom Home Theater

People spend a lot of time trying to determine the best projector for their custom home theater. After all, they want the display to look as good as possible. Since audio-video technology has improved greatly over the years, it’s vital to ensure you have a state-of-the-art projector that casts a phenomenal picture for the biggest impact. But the unsung hero of the display is often the screen.

Still, not “just any” screen will do! Regardless of how good the projector is, if you have an ordinary screen, then your movie-watching experience could suffer or be nowhere near as good as it should be. Stewart Filmscreen produces the highest quality screens in the industry. Anything you watch comes alive with vivid colors and brightness.

Keep reading to see why you need one of their screens in your Sands Point, NY, home theater.

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A Screen Where Customization Matters

At Stewart Filmscreen, a great deal of thought goes into their products. The team is comprised of innovators, designers, and dreamers who combine perfection and artistry. Whereas most projector screens are mass-produced using cotton and polyester, Stewart Filmscreen handcrafts their products beginning with raw plastic resins and pigments, forms them into finished fabrics, and then creates a custom frame.

They believe that all screens aren’t created equal. In fact, one screen does not fill all projection needs. Likewise, the company fashions each screen based on the room design and size, home lighting, seating, and throw distances. They make more than 25 different screen materials to meet the demands of all projection environments. When you have a Stewart Filmscreen projection screen in your home theater, you’ll know it’s custom fit just for you.

Vibrant Color & Clear Viewing from Every Angle

Where’s the best place to sit to watch a movie? Right in the center. There, you can see the screen in full view – not too close and not too far. But what about your guests and other family members? What will their experience be like in your custom home theater? With a Stewart Filmscreen projection screen, they’ll enjoy the same visually stunning displays as you.

No matter the angle, your guests see high contrast and color as well as a clear image. The screen is designed and crafted to deliver color uniformity from end to end. Where some screens can’t perfectly capture the image quality from a projector, Stewart Filmscreen enhances everything for a remarkable display.


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