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Learn How Partnering With A Premier AV Integrator Changes The Way You Watch


Music and movies shape our culture, expose us to new ideas, and distract us from the stresses of everyday life. It is a universal medium; the allure of losing oneself in the storyline on-screen translates into any language. 

Whether you are drawn to watching intense action sequences or enjoy the drama of Hollywood's golden age, a good deal of the derived pleasure comes from absorbing the immersive moments. A home theater system powered by Sony projectors transports you with stunning sound and video that work in concert to envelop you. 

Do the possibilities for grander entertainment at your Glen Head, NY, smart home intrigue you? Continue reading below to discover more. 

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The origins of high-end home theater began, in part, with the first efforts of Steve LaFontaine, a manager of a furniture store and movie aficionado. He believed that a film deserved better than the simple televisions of the time. So, he built a “sound room” in his home that incorporated movie-theater quality audio and video for his personal cinema. His product of choice was a Sony projector, for its best-in-class quality. 

Sony has continued its leadership role in home media ever since. Over the years, the company contributed to developing the laserdisc and DVD formats and, in turn, sparked the movie-at-home revolution. Because of Sony’s leadership in broadcast and home technology, they were an integral part of creating high-definition media, from HDTV to 4K and beyond. 

Projection Perfected

In the home theater, Sony shines, producing images that are unbound from the restraints of monitors. The patented technology allows you to view films as the cinematographers intended, in spectacular wide-screen format. Experience colors and detail without limitations, transporting you into the movie and making you part of the action. 

The projectors go beyond the standard ultra-high-definition (UHD) of 4K to show professional cinema-level DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) resolution. At 4096 x 2160, the HDR-enabled units provide extraordinary contrast levels, blacker blacks, and awe-inspiring vistas. 

In addition, the Z-phosphor laser light engines emit an astonishingly bright 5,000-10,000 lumen image that is just as bright and clear at 20,000 hours as the first day it is fired up. Add the exclusive All Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) and Digital Focus Optimizer, and your video remains breathtakingly crystal clear from the center to the far edges. 

Transform Your Entertainment 

Movies are made to be transformative experiences in their full cinematic glory. Are you ready to move your home entertainment from ordinary to extraordinary? To learn more about our home theater design and installation service, call us at 516-365-4434 or fill out our questionnaire to start the conversation.