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Essential Features of Smart Home Technology

Create a more functional space by adding a smart home system

Essential Features of Smart Home Technology

Smart homes have come a long way from when they were first introduced. Since technology is always evolving, the top home automation features are also constantly changing. Today, you can find a plethora of solutions to address your family’s unique needs. Read on to discover the essential features of smart home technology for your home in Oyster Bay, NY. 


Centralized Entertainment

Through your smart home system, you’ll be able to access your favorite media at the touch of a button. Switch through various sources and even pull up multiple streams on a single display. Whenever inspiration hits you can have your favorite playlist broadcast through discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers whether you’re in the kitchen or the media room

Wired Home Network

Almost every home has a a wireless internet connection they use for most of their smart devices. You need more than that for a truly integrated smart home. Home automation features all work on the principle of IoT or the Internet of Things. You can wirelessly control smart devices installed throughout your home, but a wired network provides a more solid foundation. Multiple wired access points are installed that provide ample coverage throughout the home. The best part is that wired networking is more reliable and doesn’t have any signal interferences. 

Remote Access

smart home system adapts to your daily routine and adjusts features based on your preferences. It also allows you to adjust technologies with a single button press. But that’s not all. When you have access to your smart home technology on your smartphone, you can even control your entire space remotely. There are many benefits of remote access, including peace of mind. You can remotely view what’s happening at home using the surveillance system. If you need to let someone in, you can remotely unlock the door instead of having them wait till you get home or hiding a key under the mat. 

Leak Detections

Water damage can be catastrophic for your home. Fortunately, you can integrate sensors to detect water leaks. The intelligent technology will immediately notify you in case of leakage and in some cases, you can remotely shut off your water supply to prevent severe damage. When you get timely alerts via the smart system, you can respond quickly to avoid colossal damage in your home. 

Are you ready to add smart home technology to your home? Home Theater of Long Island offers the best home automation features in Oyster Bay, NY. Get in touch today to start your project. Call us at 516-365-HIFI or fill out an easy online contact form to get more details.