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Experience A Modern Home Theater Installation

Sony Ultra-short throw projectors, and how modern theater design is changing

Experience A Modern Home Theater Installation

Home theater installation is transforming. You no longer need a ton of space or an empty room anymore. Enjoy high-end audio, 4K picture quality, and more in a multi-purpose room built and designed for the whole family.

Here, we’ll highlight some of the best technology you can experience in your theater and media room, including Sony’s ultra-short throw projector. Take a closer look at ultra-short throw projectors and keep reading below to learn more.

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The Theater Experience

Traditionally, projectors work at one of three throw distances: long throw, short throw, and ultra-short throw. "Throw" refers to how far the projector sits away from the screen. Long throw units work six or more feet from the screen, while short throw devices typically function about four or five feet from the screen. Ultra-short throw projectors are unique because they need less than two feet of distance -- merely inches -- to create their effect.

A considerable benefit of a projector over a TV is the variety of size options. TVs are -- obviously -- enclosed units of a fixed size. Projector screen sizes vary and commonly get up to more than 100-inches. Ultra-short throw projectors offer the best space economy and remain hidden when not in use, so you don't need a big room to enjoy the large image.

How it Works

Historically, projectors operate reasonably simply. The light goes through a lens and projects an image of 80-inches or more. Short throw projectors also beam light through a lens, but they often have multiple lenses at different focal lengths to modify the image size.

Ultra-short throw projectors create their picture differently. Instead of firing light directly at the screen, light shoots backward to a built-in mirror. The reflection hits the wall and produces a large image close up to the screen.

Experience Ultra-Short Throw

At CES 2018, Sony’s 4K Ultra-Short Throw Projector LSPX-A1 made a splash. The projector sits just 9.6-inches from the wall and fires an image of up to 120-inches in 4K resolution.

The device comes ready out of the box for simple installation. It uses Sony’s 4K SXRD projection and HDR technology for incredible color reproduction. And with 2500 lumens, it’s bright enough to work in most media rooms and home theaters.

Sony’s built-in Glass Sound Speaker offers 360-degree sound reproduction, and you can upgrade with this immersive audio system if you want to experience the full impact of your content.

LSPX-A1 comes in a marble-topped cabinet with a half-mirror finish aluminum frame and wooden shelf. It’s designed as a stylistic addition to your space as much as an audiovisual one.

At Home Theater of Long Island, we use the latest technology to design a home theater or media room that fits your lifestyle. If you want to build the home theater of your dreams, click here or give us a call at 516-365-HIFI today!

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