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Explore the Possibilities of Smart Surveillance Systems

IC Realtime offers innovative solutions for protecting your home

Explore the Possibilities of Smart Surveillance Systems

Now, more than ever, it's essential to ensure the safety of your home. Security is a top priority for homeowners in the best of times but choosing the right system can seem daunting and stressful. That's why we simplify it. With IC Realtime smart surveillance systems keeping an eye on your Great Neck, NY property, you can enjoy peace of mind. With the latest from the leader in residential surveillance, you can stream real-time footage of your spaces and find any recorded moments with a simple keyword search. Find out more by reading below.

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An Innovator in Home Surveillance

IC Realtime has been providing home surveillance and smart camera solutions for more than 14 years. Established in 2006, they’ve innovated many top-of-the-line solutions and made complex security technology accessible to homeowners across the country.

For instance, they pioneered cloud-based storage with the Cloud Video Recorder, allowing you to store hours of footage offsite. They were also at the forefront of surveillance cameras with 360-degree viewing angles by introducing 360-degree x 360-degree video surveillance camera technology.

Plus, they were named the number one surveillance brand by CEPro for 2012-2017.

Today, they continue to innovate and provide unique, easy-to-use solutions for protecting your home and loved ones.

Introducing Ella - Deep Learning AI

Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the way homeowners keep their property safe. By simplifying the process of searching for footage with robust, deep learning AI, IC Realtime remains ahead of the curve on the latest technology trends to help you stay safe.

Dubbed "Ella," the company's AI solution allows you to search for specific footage using simple keywords. You don't have to know when something happened -- use plain language words, and Ella will find it for you by searching hours of footage instantly. Ella can distinguish between objects and people and analyze every frame to find what you need.

You can access Ella on any device, anywhere in the world. Your home security has never been easier to use.

Work with a Local Surveillance Expert

At Home Theater of Long Island, we take your safety very seriously. We can craft custom surveillance solutions for your property to help you keep an eye on things, whether you’re on the couch or halfway around the world.

Enjoy greater peace of mind and the ability to take action immediately if there’s an issue at home.

Click here or give us a call at 516-365-HIFI today.

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