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Finding the Best Speakers for Your Home Theater System

Why Bowers & Wilkins will bring your theater to the next level

Finding the Best Speakers for Your Home Theater System

Thanks to an unusual summer, homeowners across Great Neck, NY are considering adding a home theater system to their properties. For some, a big-screen TV and soundbar from the local big-box retailer will be enough. But for discerning AV enthusiasts, nothing short of incredible sound from Bowers & Wilkins will satisfy. Thanks to advanced technology, you can find your next home theater sound system at your local B&W retailer. Want to find out what to look for and where to get it? Keep reading for more.

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What Is a Theater Speaker?

Speakers are intricate pieces of equipment, but they're often not purpose-built. Instead, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of just about any sized speaker without much difference in sound quality. Cabinetry and materials ensure the quality of the audio, not the size of the unit.

So, what is the difference when it comes to theater speakers? Any loudspeaker in B&W’s line of high-end speakers should deliver the same sound. However, theater speakers have a specific feature that makes them easy to spot, and a perfect addition to your home setup.

Unlike floor-standing or bookshelf speakers, which are primarily designed for two-channel sound staging, theater speakers are center-channel devices optimized for movie performance. The center channel handles all the dialogue, while the side channels play music and sound effects. Also, theater speakers are oriented horizontally, for maximum performance.

B&W's HTM1 D3 speaker is specially designed for high-end playback. The company's iconic Diamond Dome tweeter sits atop the device to deliver loads of detail in the upper registers. And the exclusive Continuum Cone drivers balance things out with a superior bass response.

HTM1 D3 is built to bring you better sound in your home theater.

Find Bowers & Wilkins Speakers

If you're looking for a superior sound that can't be found in your local big-box store, you need to work with a certified Bowers & Wilkins dealer. At Home Theater of Long Island, we help you find the audio solutions that work with your lifestyle and budget.

Homeowners deserve technology that reflects who they are. If you're not into floor-standing speakers, you can hide them within the ceiling or wall to preserve your home aesthetics. Want maximum performance? We can design a dedicated listening room.

When you work with us, you can get even more out of your home theater audio. Click here or call 516-365-HiFi.

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