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How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Audio Distribution System

Three Ways Whole-Home Audio Makes Music a Bigger Part of Your Life

How to Get the Most Out of Your Home Audio Distribution System

Take the joy of listening to music to a higher level. A robust audio distribution system gives you the freedom to enjoy music anywhere, any time, and any way you like! From whole-home audio to home theater sound systems to loudspeakers for a media room, JBL offers a wide selection of premium speakers ensuring your entire home is filled with the sounds you love.

Why use earbuds to listen to a playlist or confine yourself to one room to hear your favorite songs? A multi-room speaker system makes music a part of your life and home. It’s easy to play music, podcasts, CDs, and even vinyl records by simply tapping an icon on your smart home tablet. Keep reading to learn three ways you can make music an integral part of your home in Armonk, NY. 

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The Ultimate in Music Streaming

If you love music, then you probably get a thrill out of streaming music online. Platforms like Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and Tidal offer an endless list of songs from all genres – everything you can imagine! With a whole-homesound system, you can play music through your JBL in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. Instead of streaming through your phone or TV, the music goes through a centralized audio hub and is distributed to any connected speaker. Managing it is a breeze because you can do it from your smartphone or tablet.

Break Out Your Old CDs

Still have your old CD player? Don’t throw it away. An audio distribution system keeps your CDs alive and well. Your AV receiver, CD player, and whole-home sound system work in tandem to bring the music from your CDs back to life!Also, a multi-zone receiver allows you to play a CD in one area of your home while another family member listens to Spotify playlist in another room. No matter the number of zones you have, you can easily control all of them from one intuitive interface.

Go Vintage with Vinyl Records

Vintage does not mean poor-quality when we’re talking about records. In fact, the turntable is still considered the king of music sources by many audiophiles. Whether you still have your old turntable or you are using a new one, your new audio distribution system lets you play your favorite vinyl records throughout your home and control it with your smart home touchpad. 

Using a phono preamp, you are able to connect your record player to your receiver. And then the magic happens! Music from those classic albums fills your home with memories from yesteryear. Keep in mind, the in-wall and in-ceiling speakers from JBL deliver the highest quality audio. We’re not talking about Muzakplayed through an elevator speaker. Instead, you’ll feel the bass sounds in your chest and enjoy the melodies in high-end quality. It’s almost as if each room is a sound studio!


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