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Make Your Backyard Sound Better With Outdoor Audio

Discover The Joys Of Installing A Superior Sound System That Fills Your Yard With Music

Make Your Backyard Sound Better With Outdoor Audio

It has been a long winter here in the northeast, but the days are finally getting longer, and the temperatures are starting to rise. We are sure you are as eager as we are for weekday golf and hours of sun and fun at the beaches and out at sea. It also means there is no better time than now to prepare for the season of backyard entertaining that is just around the corner.

Whether you enjoy sipping cocktails on the lush green grass, barbecuing with friends under the stars, or playing with the kids by the pool, outdoor audio enhances the moments. Our team of certified designers and integrators furnish you with the highest quality sound that immerses you without being obtrusive.

Are you curious about how good it can be at your Glen Head, NY, home this year? Read below to learn more!

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Coverage Without Compromise

Spending more time in the fresh air does not mean you need to compromise for tinny sound or coverage that waxes and wanes as you move around the property. You are accustomed to audiophile quality from your multiroom audio system; there is no reason not to expect the same outside.

We design systems that deliver the full-throttle power of music with crisp highs, clear mid-range, and bass that enthralls. Before the team at Home Theater of Long Island generates any quotes or helps you choose the equipment, we survey the site to ensure every square foot is covered with a consistent sound field.

Music is meant to be heard, and the speakers should not distract from this manicured beauty of the landscaping. Your yard remains beautiful whether you prefer units with natural curves that blend into the foliage or sophisticated cabinets that artfully accent their surroundings.

Satisfy Everyone's Desires

Your property is not used for only one purpose. At any given time, someone is soaking in the jacuzzi, couples chatting by the gazebo, and teenagers splashing by the pool. Each group desires a different atmosphere, with its own music and energy.

With a system by Home Theater of Long Island, you can select any source and send it to any destination, satisfying everyone’s needs. Are you hosting a larger party? Select all the zones to playback music to create the perfect dance party or allow everyone to hear the game’s play-by-play.

Complete Outdoor Solutions

There is no better time than today to make the most of your yard. Are you ready to bring your backyard to life with an outdoor audio system? Let us help you find the perfect solution! Call us at 516-365-4434 or fill out our questionnaire to start the conversation.