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Smart Climate Control Helps Lower Energy Costs

Save more while staying comfortable this summer

Smart Climate Control Helps Lower Energy Costs

Summer is here, and it's already getting hot. That means cooling your home is getting more expensive. And thanks to social distancing guidelines, many of us are using our AC more than ever. If you're not careful, you could waste energy and drive up your monthly energy bill. Here, we'll show you how smart climate control can simplify staying comfortable in your Armonk, NY home.

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Smart Automation

Savant helps you reduce the energy your thermostat uses. Smart sensors and energy management software help you keep track of what’s going on in and around your property. And if you have an opportunity to save energy, you can easily adjust the system with one touch.

Many homeowners use occupancy sensors to help manage light. An integrated technology system has multiple systems working together to keep you comfortable. When you leave the room, the system adjusts the thermostat to a predetermined degree so that it won't waste energy. When someone enters, it lowers the temperature automatically.

You can make adjustments to the temperature using Savant’s app or count on your pre-set automation to do the work for you. With an integrated system, you don’t have to worry about managing multiple systems at once. You can control everything from a single, intuitive interface.

Automated Shades

Of course, your thermostat isn’t the only way you can control the climate in your home. One of the simplest ways to save is by adding Lutron automated window shades. Lutron integrates seamlessly with Savant and offers a wide variety of fabric and roller options to fit your aesthetic. 

In summer months, heat can come in through the windows. The temperature rises, and harmful UV rays can damage your furniture. With smart shades, you can manage the warmth without lifting a finger.

When the room sensors detect that the space is too warm, shades spring into action. They automatically lower and reduce the amount of sunlight in your room. Integrated lights will adjust to accommodate the change. Plus, sunshades minimize glare and reduce heat gain from UV rays.

As part of a whole home automation system, smart thermostats, shades, and more can lower your energy costs no matter how hot it gets outside.

Want to learn more about how smart climate control technology can help you save? Click here or give us a call at 516-365-HIFI today.

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