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Smart Reasons to Invest in a Home Networking Upgrade

Are you using your network more than ever? Make sure it's up to the task.

Smart Reasons to Invest in a Home Networking Upgrade

New Yorkers are staying at home more than ever before. And we’re using our mobile devices more than ever, too. Whether you’re streaming your favorite music on a Sonos speaker or browsing the web on your iPhone, you’re getting more use out of your network. But with so many new and different devices working at the same time, you’re also putting more of a strain on an under-equipped system. Is it time to invest in a home networking upgrade? Here are some smart reasons you might consider it.

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Your Devices Are Too Slow

Consider this: your network is like a highway. Every device on the road is more traffic. The signals, or cars, can easily cause a traffic jam if there are too many on the road at once.

A smart home system is an elaborate freeway, allowing each device's signal to commute. But some highways don't have enough lanes, and when there's too much traffic, devices slow down. When you upgrade your network, you expand the bandwidth. In other words, you're adding more lanes to the highway. This will alleviate the pressure on the roads and give more room for each signal to travel.

Your devices will run better and faster if you increase your network’s bandwidth. Additionally, high-bandwidth signals like 4K will have more room to travel, so you won’t see reduced video resolution or compressed lossless audio.

Network Dead Spots

Among the most common problems for older networks is dead spots. They can manifest as areas where you don't receive any network signal at all. If you're attempting to connect to a Wi-Fi router, it can run slowly or even provide no signal. Upgrading your network will improve the strength of your signal throughout the entire property.

Mesh networks are somewhat different from Wi-Fi. Where Wi-Fi broadcasts from a centralized router, like an old radio station, a mesh network positions nodes throughout the area. Nodes connect, creating a web, or mesh, of connections across the property.

They offer stronger-than-Wi-Fi connections for each mobile or wireless device while ensuring a closed network that isn’t vulnerable to hackers.

Adding More Devices

The Yankees may be off the air this season, but it’s a great time to re-watch all your favorite shows and movies. Why not do it in style with stunning 4K HDR? If you’re thinking about adding more components to your home automation system, you’ll need a network that can support all of them.

Intelligently designed networks allow users to add more devices over time without putting a strain on the bandwidth. You can build a new smart home system or enjoy your favorite AV content in a home theater; make sure you start by upgrading your network.

At Home Theater of Long Island, we understand how essential it is to stay safe and healthy during this time. We can guide you to technology solutions that will keep your family secure, entertained, and comfortable.

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