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Sony Laser Projectors: Perfect for Home Theater Systems

Enliven your viewing experience with a high-end Sony projector in your home cinema

Sony Laser Projectors: Perfect for Home Theater Systems

How much time do you spend in your home theater? A few hours a week or much more? Regardless of the amount of time, it’s vital to have the best visual and auditory experience possible. Not only can your dedicated space be used for watching movies, but it is an excellent place to host game parties, play video games, or binge-watch TV shows.

While the different elements that make up home theater systems provide endless entertainment to homeowners, the main highlight is always the display. Different brands offer premium quality video displays, but none compare to the visuals of Sony’s latest projectors.

Sony has laser projectors with 4k visuals that surpass those offered by others. Read on to discover what laser projectors are and how Sony’s products enhance home entertainment in your Old Brookville, NY, home.


Laser and UST Projectors

As the name implies, laser projectors use lasers to generate light instead of a bulb. They offer considerable advantages over conventional projectors, not only in terms of video quality but also in energy efficiency and maintenance. Laser projectors last longer and produce clearer image quality with more vibrant colors while consuming relatively less energy. 

Also, Sony’s ultra-short-throw (UST) laser projectors can be placed only about one foot away from the wall, making them suitable for installation in any space. No matter how small or large a room’s dimension may be, laser UST projectors offer an incredible viewing experience no matter where you sit in the room. 

Sony Projectors Offer HDR 

It used to only be available with TVs, but Sony offers high-dynamic-range (HDR) projectors that produce more realistic images - ones with high contrast, color, and brightness. Some of the impressive features of Sony’s Native 4K HDR laser projectors include:

Life-Like Visuals

Sony laser projectors create real-to-life images with 8.3 million pixels, which produce high-quality visuals. Watching movies in HDR takes you on an immersive journey where you get to practically “live” in the scenes in the movies and TV shows you watch. 

For instance, PC Magazine writes that with HDR, “Deep shadows aren't simply black voids; more details can be seen in the darkness, while the picture stays very dark. Bright shots aren't simply sunny, vivid pictures; fine details in the brightest surfaces remain clear. Vivid objects aren't simply saturated; more shades of colors can be seen.”

Crisp Focus

Image focus is the key to experiencing a cinematic feel. The Sony laser projector uses a 70mm aspherical front lens that delivers incredible focus, allowing you to see the bigger picture. With such an advanced lens, there are zero chances of you missing even the smallest of details when watching movies or a game on the big screen.

Improved Light Control

The new Sony projectors are equipped with a reflective silicone layer that offers better light control. So, if you’re in a home theater that has ambient lighting, you’ll still be able to see the display clearly. Add to that a Stewart Film Screen, and you’ll feel like you stepped right into the movies! 

Perfect the visuals of home theater systems with Sony’s laser projectors. Home Theater of Long Island is a certified dealer of Sony that can build the ultimate home cinema for an immersive movie-watching experience. Call 516-365-HIFI to get started on your home entertainment project today. You can also fill out an easy online contact form by clicking here to get more details.