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The Basics of a Distributed Audio System

Reap the Benefits of a Distributed Audio System

The Basics of a Distributed Audio System

Perhaps you're an audiophile dedicated to experiencing media in its purest form – or maybe you’re someone who just loves music and wants to simply dance around their home without the sound quality being affected or without having to wear headphones.

Here's where a distributed audio system comes in, as it is ideal for creating a high-end soundscape throughout your home regardless of whether you're in the kitchen or living room. Take a look at what a distributed audio system can offer your home in Great Neck, NY, to see if it is suitable to meet your needs by reading on below.

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What Is Distributed Audio?

Distributed audio systems are sound systems that enable music to be played and controlled throughout your home. Installing a distributed audio system across your property links and connects multiple speaker systems, allowing homeowners to essentially duplicate their audio source equipment into every area of the house using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies to give extensive coverage. The system transmits audio to speaker systems across your home, and they require special equipment that amplifies the sound to cover every inch of your living space with your audio.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a Distributed Audio System?

Eliminate Music Lag

Even if you manage to sync up different speaker systems in your home, there are chances of a small lag that can disrupt your entire mood or flow when you step into another room. With the distributed audio system, you'll be able to play your songs throughout your home, and you can even choose specific rooms with your control panel to create an immersive audio experience that does not disturb the other residents of your home or even your neighbors. 

Integrated Audio System

With a distributed audio system, you can have an integrated and interconnected audio system that can help you save space in your home by installing speakers that are wall-mounted or hidden in the ceiling and walls without unsightly trailing wires in every room. As the speaker systems are controlled from a single app or control panel, the need for external technology reduces significantly, making it easier for you to play tracks from your music library for your entertainment.

If you're ready to upgrade your distributed audio system, Home Theater of Long Island will assist you in choosing a system with the capabilities you need to satisfy your specific audio requirements. We also handle the installation for you, as well as system monitoring and servicing options to ensure that your equipment runs well for as long as possible!

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