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The Difference Between Home Automation and Smart Home Devices

Experience the Luxury of a True Smart Home

The Difference Between Home Automation and Smart Home Devices

Many people are introduced to home automation via smart home devices. These may include smart security cameras, video doorbells, a smart thermostat, and smart light bulbs. As their "smart" devices increase in your home, so do the apps that control them. Soon, you’re searching through apps, controlling one connected electronic device at a time. 

There is a better way. It’s called a smart home automation platform. Let’s explore the ease of living this technology offers homeowners in Garden City, NY.

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What Is a Smart Home Automation System?

Smart home automation connects all your smart devices under one platform. At Home Theater of Long Island, we partner with Savant, the leading platform for luxury homeowners. Now, not only are your smart devices communicating with the home automation system, but they're also communicating with each other, creating an ecosystem of interconnected devices that work together. 

Savant integrates with over 380,000 third-party smart devices. This capability creates a customized smart home unique to every household. From one intuitive app, you can control your security, audio-video equipment, lighting, climate, pool and spa, side gates, garage doors, and more. 

Popular smart devices supported by Savant include streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku, AV receivers, Blu-ray players, game consoles, soundbars, and cable and satellite TV services. These systems and devices are controlled with one touch on a smartphone, touchscreen, in-wall keypad, handheld remote, or via voice commands.   

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation reacts automatically, with no effort on your part. Your home prepares itself for you in advance through preset schedules, sensors, or your location. For example, we can program your home to react to your car pulling into the driveway after work. 

It detects your presence through your smartphone's location and automatically activates the "Welcome Home" event. Your entryway and kitchen lights brighten, the shades facing your backyard open to reveal beautiful landscape lighting, the climate adjusts, the gas fireplace ignites, and the spa heats up.

Another popular automated response is the "Waking Up" scene set for a specified time every day. The shades slowly open, and your favorite good-morning playlist streams through your home while your lights illuminate to a soft golden hue. With today’s technology, we can program events unique to every household, setting the scene for each occasion. In this manner, your smart home becomes a personalized automated retreat unique to you and your family. 

What Is Audio-Video Distribution?

Many of you have probably heard of the whole-home AV system commonly found in smart homes. Savant takes this system to a new level with their pioneering use of IP networks that gives you high-resolution audio and video from any source to any speaker or display in any room or outdoor area via Ethernet cabling. 

At Home Theater of Long Island, we create customized home automation solutions unique to each client. To learn more about today's smart home technology or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today.