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Three Reasons Your Home Needs a Control 4 Home Automation System

How a Control4 Dealer Is the Leader in Home Automation

Three Reasons Your Home Needs a Control 4 Home Automation System

Smart homes are the future of the residential building industry for their convenience, customization, and energy efficiency.  As it becomes more affordable, more and more of us want to experience the added luxury and controllability that a home automation system can give us.

With everything from garage doors and  your security cameras to your stereo connected to your home interface, you can control every aspect of your home, all from your smart deviceAnd here are some reasons your home needs a home automation system from our team at Home Theater of Long Island, your premier Control4 dealer in the Garden City, NY.

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Reliability and Customization 

Home automation has come a long way in recent years. Technology like the internet of things  easily allows us to connect to every device in our home nowopening the possibility to collect them all on one interface and automate them. One of the biggest advantages of home automation is its customizabilityFor example, if you enjoy movies, you can connect your home automation system to your audio-video system and lighting control to create the ultimate theater experience. 
If your focus is on energy efficiency, you can create schedules to adjust motorized shades, temperature and humidity controls, and even ceiling fans to reduce energyAutomation makes home security easy with integrated surveillance cameras and devices like smart locks and smart doorbells. With the sophistication of control4 home automation system, the possibilities are endless.

Software and Hardware Compatibility 

A sophisticated home automation system requires the ability to integrate with devices and systems like your HVAC system and lighting  systemBut a system like Control4 can integrate with a variety of control-enabled systems. A Control4 installer can seamlessly integrate control points from these systems to an easy-to-navigate interface on your smart deviceWith an intuitive design, you can move between your home’s devices and systems to customize schedules and controls to suit your needs. 

Superior Customer Service 

A robust home automation system won't experience frustratinglags or failures, but eventually, all hardware and software experience some problemsWe’ve all dealt withthe occasional freeze upin a Zoom meeting or when adevice voice command doesn’t recognize our request.  When these sorts of things happen, we usually spend chunks of time resetting and rebooting our system. 
But when you have the expertise of a Control4 dealer at your disposal, you have the technical support you need to correct your home automation issuesFriendly and knowledgeable representatives are always available online or by telephone to answer all your questions about home networking and automation. And with monitoring, they can catch issues in your system and correct them before you even notice so that you can get back to living your life in a home that is customized to meet your needs. 

Talk to a Control4 dealer to find out more about the advantages of Control4 smart home automation. Give us a call at 516-365-HIFI or chat with us online. 

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