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Video Conferencing from Home? Here’s What You Need.

Is it time to upgrade your home office’s video conferencing system?

Video Conferencing from Home? Here’s What You Need.

As of the start of this year, more than 66 percent of businesses throughout the US offer remote or semi-remote work options. And thanks to social distancing, more Americans than ever are working from home. Companies that employ remote options often experience higher employee retention, satisfaction, and productivity. If you're working from home or want to help your employees build a better home office, it's easy to accommodate the new situation. That means upgrading home offices with a video conferencing system. What kind of technology will you need? Find out below.

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Video Display

Effective communication begins with clear pictures. Make sure your video display sports what’s necessary for you to see all the action happening at the other end of the call. Many remote workers use their computer monitors, but you can also enjoy a versatile interactive touch display. A touch-panel video display can deliver what you need if you're sharing a lot of video content.


A commercial quality soundbar is a little different than the one you use in your home theater. It's not designed to immerse you in your favorite movie soundtrack. Instead, it can facilitate communication between you and your team. Most notably, conference room soundbars offer built-in, beam-forming microphones. And advanced units use contemporary software to pick up each speaker to deliver the highest-quality audio reproduction.


One essential component of a video conferencing system is your camera. It lets everyone see you. A few modern soundbars and computer monitors are equipped with built-in cameras, but a separate device offers more applications. Contemporary devices provide smart features like speaker recognition and viewing angles automatically based on where a person stands in the room.


Many of us are video conferencing from home these days. Whether you’re trying to get work done or chatting with the family, you’ll need a network that can handle the heavy traffic. Conferencing platforms like Zoom require a minimum bandwidth of 250 Mbps to ensure a full 1080p HD resolution. Plus, your family will likely use wireless devices that connect to your Wi-Fi system. When too many smart devices use wireless internet connections, you may need to upgrade with a mesh network to ensure everything connects securely.

Centralized Control

Simplify communication with your employees and coworkers. Centralize your technology with a user-friendly Savant system. While not built explicitly with home offices in mind, Savant offers a host of capabilities that will make your life easier. With just one touch, you can use your AV, lights, shades, music distribution, motorized lifts, and more. They all work efficiently with a single interface.

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