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What You Need for an Incredible Outdoor Audio System

How Does Your Backyard Sound?

What You Need for an Incredible Outdoor Audio System

A lot of us are social distancing right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside all day. If you want to be out of the house and enjoy the warm Great Neck, NY air, there is no better way to do it than with an outdoor audio system.

Relax by the pool, cook on your grill, or bask in the sunlight – and you can do it to the sounds of your favorite music. A backyard sound system presents some unique challenges. Here, we’ll show you how to get the most out of it.

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Every sound system begins with the source. In most cases, your source is the same one that you’re using indoors for your whole-home audio system. How does it work? You’ll have access to your entire digital music library and your favorite services – but the size of your property could be an issue. The further your speakers are from the source, the more difficult it is to reach them. So it would help if you enhanced their power.

Outdoor Amp

Chances are, you already have an amplifier or AV receiver. They deliver the power to your audio system. But to reach your backyard system, you'll need an extra boost. Outdoor amplifiers enhance the sound signal's ability to reach each channel anywhere in the yard. Built within a water-proof casing, backyard amps are buried and out of the way, safe from weather changes.


Outdoor speakers are significantly different than the ones you have indoors. Where standard speakers feature delicately crafted hardware for precision, outdoor speakers contend with changes in the elements and ambient sounds. They usually sport weather-proof and rust-proof cabinets, and they won't break down due to outdoor conditions.


If you own a lot of digital music, it's a pain to organize everything. Electronic organization systems help, with some even cataloging your tunes automatically. For example, Roon – a system built by the same folks who brought us the Bloomberg Terminal – will sift through your songs, add information, and more. It can even choose the highest-quality version of the track if you have duplicate songs.


Finally, once you have an incredible outdoor audio system, control it with just the touch of a button. Combine controls with your other systems for convenience and fun. Thanks to a comprehensive smart automation system, using your technology is easier than ever. With one touch on a user-friendly interface, your outdoor lights can come on, your music will start playing, and you’re suddenly ready to enjoy the summer atmosphere.

Want to get more out of the warm New York weather? Start with an outdoor sound system. Click here or give us a call at 516-365-HIFI today!

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