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Where Immersive Outdoor Audio Meets Natural Beauty

How Architettura Sonora Speakers Elevate Your Outdoor Entertainment Experience

Where Immersive Outdoor Audio Meets Natural Beauty

Outdoor speakers usually serve one purpose: to deliver amazing and immersive sound throughout your outdoor spaces. While the sound experience you enjoy is a real thrill, some homeowners prefer to hide their speakers. Why is that? It’s because most premium landscape speakers are built with sound quality in mind. Less attention is placed on design. 

Architettura Sonora changes everything! Not only does the company design and produce speakers to deliver high-end sound in outdoor and indoor living areas, but each speaker is fashioned by skilled craftsmen who impressively combine form and function. The result is a beautiful speaker that sounds and looks stunning. 

Keep reading to learn how Architettura Sonora can elevate the outdooaudio and natural beauty of your outdoor entertainment areas in Manhasset, NY.

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A Revolutionary Speaker Designer

Architettura Sonora was born with one mission: “To get the best possible sound from the best-looking speakers.” The company believes that high-end speakers don’t need to be hidden, and they shouldn’t look like every other speaker on the market. Because they uniquely design their outdoor speakers to complement the ambiance of any space, they’ve set themselves apart in the industry. 

The company brought together a creative team of audiophiles, architects, engineers, and landscape designers to reinvent acoustic speakers – without compromising audio and visual appeal. The speakers use a combination of finishes and materials, such as marble, granite, and terracotta, to produce exceptional soundand sensations for your listening area. In addition, you can control the audio with your smart home tablet, just like every other smart technology in your home. 

The Look

Au naturel is the look they’re going for. And it’s a perfect one for any outdoor space. Architettura Sonora extracts natural materials from the earth to create each speaker, so every one is unique. Imagine hosting a party in your backyard while classical music surrounds you and your guests – the music emanating from bespoke spherical or cube-shaped stone speakers that look like beautiful architectural design elements on your lawn. 

Truly, you’ve never seen speakers like this before. The creative designs make them easy and natural to place in any space while satisfying the most diverse audio requirementsArchitettura Sonora features a wide range of audio products. Here are a few models and speakers. 

The ICARUS MULTIGROUND is ideal for any outdoor environment. It’s created using concrete, stone, or travertine with various plate finishes. It can be installed in the ground or placed on special stands, positioning easily among hedges or in the grass.

The ICARUS WALL or MULTIWALL comes in fixed or spherical joint options. The speaker can be mounted on walls, pergolas, and other outdoor spaces, based on your acoustic and spatial preferences. 

The ICARUS SUB seamlessly complements any space without diminishing sound quality. It emits longer wavelengths and low-end frequencies, which means the sub allows the sound to pass through most obstacles – creating the immersive sound experience you need for your backyard.

The LIGHTING MOOD collection combines design, sound, and light into one stunning package. Speakers come incylinders, spheres, spherinas, and cubes with a landscape lighting featureconsisting of an LED strip. The light disperses from the lower part of the speaker, casting a warm glow on the design (see photo above).

The Sound

Sound is not static. Instead, it is an active waveform that interacts with the environment. Architettura Sonora produces high-end speakers with directional and omnidirectional sound. They can be fully optimized to create a phenomenal audio experience in any outdoor space. 

In other words, Architettura Sonora speakers are adaptable. They ensure a high-fidelity sound for your specific environment that translates to full bass sounds, marvelous midranges, and clear highs wherever you go in your yard. When installing these speakers, the technicians at Home Theater of Long Island will assess your space and sound requirements to ensure an immersive sound that exceeds your expectations.

Would you like to see how Architettura Sonora can enhance your outdoor audio experience and the beauty of your lawn? Call Home Theater of Long Island or fill out our online contact form to schedule a consultation.

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