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Work with a Savant Dealer for an Energy-Efficient Smart Home

Simplify savings with integrated technology

Work with a Savant Dealer for an Energy-Efficient Smart Home

You didn't buy a house in Greenwich, CT to stay cooped up inside all day. But this summer, that might be the best idea. Don't worry; there are plenty of AV and smart home devices to have fun with while you're social distancing. But if you're using your technology more often, you might risk increasing your monthly energy bill. When you work with a Savant dealer like Home Theater of Long Island, you can build an energy-efficient smart home. Want to find out how? Keep reading.

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Savant Offers Smart Energy Management

Savant remains ahead of the curve on smart energy management as part of their smart home solutions. Their recent partnership with Racepoint Energy produced exclusive microgrid systems, which deliver dynamic control of a custom microgrid, compatible with all power sources, including solar, local grid, and backup systems.

Racepoint microgrids keep you running even when the local grid is experiencing an outage. They also give users dynamic control over the devices and/or modes necessary for function – or let your system work automatically, thanks to conditional logic software.

If you're going green by switching to renewable energy or regulating your energy consumption, Savant helps you achieve your goals.

Energy Management for Lighting Control

Among the best ways to start managing energy is through lighting control, and nobody knows better than Savant. Their lighting and energy control systems help reduce energy consumption when paired with USAI Lighting fixtures, so your system operates efficiently and delivers modern convenience. In a statement by Savant CEO Bob Madonna:

“These innovative energy modules create a valuable opportunity for integrators to deliver far more than conventional lighting control. Now there is a complete lighting and lighting control ecosystem available from Savant that includes shades, fixtures in partnership with USAI Lighting and a level of control capability and energy management unprecedented in the smart home market.”

The smart home manufacturer's partnership with USAI also resulted in tunable lighting control systems, which bring the benefits of natural sunlight inside. The new Daylight Mode offers circadian lighting that helps users feel better throughout the day by adjusting each fixture's brightness and intensity to replicate the changing sunlight.

So, not only does a Savant system lower your energy consumption, but it also promotes the health and wellness of your family.

Want to get more out of your smart home automation system? Work with your local Savant dealer, Home Theater of Long Island, today. Click here or give us a call at 516-365-HIFI. We look forward to assisting you!

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