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Live Comfortably with Smart Climate Control

How the Savant Multistat Puts Indoor Temperature Control at Your Fingertips

Live Comfortably with Smart Climate Control

The sun rises. The sun sets. And all the while, your indoor home environment experiences temperature fluctuations throughout the day and evening. It may be a degree or two – or even a bigger difference between rooms. This makes your indoor comfort level less than ideal. Fortunately, smart technology has made it easier for homeowners to ensure the perfect temperature in every room.

A smart climate control system from Savant makes all the temperature adjustments for you. The company’s Multistat product integrates beautifully with your smart home system to provide one-touch convenience and a comfortable atmosphere in your Control Oyster Bay, NY, home all year long. Read more to learn how Savant’s Multistat makes home life easier and more pleasant for you.

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A Smart Way to Be Comfortable at Home

You may ask yourself, “I already have a programmable thermostat, so why do I need a different one?” Good question. However, just because your thermostat can be programmed that doesn’t mean it is smart. Instead, it’s really only following orders – like setting your microwave. On the other hand, the Multistat system automatically adjusts based on the activities in your house or as the sun sets and rises. It even monitors your air return vents and the weather outside. Here are a few impressive features and benefits of the Multistat.

A Sleek-Looking Thermostat

If you live in a smart home with automated lighting, motorized shades, and other smart technology, then you don’t want a bulky thermostat hanging on your wall. Fortunately, the Multistat blends in beautifully with your smart home. Its stylish, high-resolution touchscreen displays the current temperature inside and out. It also shows your local weather forecast. You can even change the screen display to your favorite Savant scene.

Set the Perfect Scene for Your Comfort

During the summer, do you like the temperature to be cooler when you sleep? When it’s cold outside, perhaps you enjoy a warmer environment while going about your business during the day. The Multistat lets you set scenes for the moments in your life, but this includes more than the temperature. Setting a scene can also include other technologies, such as the motorized shades, smart lighting, and gas fireplace. When the time comes, touch the scene on your thermostat, Savant smart home tablet, or smartphone app, and everything adjusts to your specifications.

Fully Optimized Climate Control

The Multistat gives you easy command of your heating and AC system, and you can program scenes for no-touch control. However, it also works behind the scenes while you go about your day – whether you’re home or miles away. The Multistat has integrated sensors that monitor interior and exterior temperature, humidity, air return vents, and much more. If it detects something that could negatively impact your indoor climate, it adjusts automatically to ensure the perfect comfort level in your home.


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