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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Security System?

Protect Your Home & Loved Ones with the Latest Security Features

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Home Security System?

In recent years, home security systems have shifted from a security camera and an alarm to smart systems that integrate with home automation platforms. These provide robust measures that secure your home from thieves and environmental threats while protecting your toddlers heading in the wrong direction. 

Today, you can view your security camera feed online from anywhere and create digital tripwires that send an alert when crossed. You'll also receive notifications should rising humidity, moisture, or temperatures suggest failed equipment or damage from a weather-related event.

Let’s explore the many unique features today’s smart home security systems offer and how they provide peace of mind to homeowners in Syosset, NY. 

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Security Cameras

The latest security cameras enable remote live stream footage, allowing you to check on your home and family no matter where you are. They also send notifications when people, vehicles, packages, or movements are detected. Because the latest cameras are smart, they can tell the difference between animals and humans, reducing the once common false alarm when the neighborhood opossum made its rounds.

Many of these cameras also offer color night vision, enabling you to see potential problems in the darkest nights, and two-way audio, allowing you to speak with whoever you see on camera.

Digital Tripwires

A digital tripwire is an intelligent video analytics function and a security feature growing in popularity. Some clients want them around the perimeter of their property. Others want to focus on specific areas, such as the side gate, garage, or around the pool. When crossed, you receive a notification and can check your security footage to determine the cause. 

Environmental Alerts

A smart security system does more than protect against intruders; it also helps keep your family safe from environmental threats, such as water damage, fire, and carbon monoxide. Water damage can occur from natural disasters, burst pipes, and leaks that go unnoticed. This environmental threat can cause significant damage to floors and drywall and lead to bacterial growth and mold if undetected. 

Our certified technicians place small water sensors in low-lying areas and where water leaks are likely to occur. When increased moisture is detected, you receive an alert. If you’re not at home to check out the possible cause, a smart automatic water shutoff valve immediately shuts off the water line. 

Smart smoke alarms have also added an additional safety measure. These systems detect precisely where the fire is coming from and, integrated with your home automation system, turn on lights and unlock the doors to make it easy for your family to leave and first responders to enter. As with all things smart, you’ll receive an alert and can easily silence it if the cause was an overzealous cook. 

Home security has transformed significantly in the last decade. Are you ready for an upgrade? At Home Theater of Long Island, we use the latest technology to create homes that inspire, offering enhanced entertainment, comfort, and protection. To learn more about smart home security systems or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today.