Why You Should Choose Savant for Motorized Window Treatments

More Than Smart Shades, Savant’s Products Add Convenience and Luxury to Your Life

Why You Should Choose Savant for Motorized Window Treatments

Beautiful, sophisticated, and simple to control: what’s not to love about Savant shades? Not only is Savant a leading provider of smart home systems, but they design and develop a host of other smart products for homeowners. Their motorized window treatments are set apart as some of the finest in the industry. They combine modern aesthetics, attractive fabrics, and unmatched control to complement your home in New York, NY.

If you want motorized shades that say “luxury” and add another level of ease to your life, then keep reading to learn more about Savant’s shades. In this blog, we’ll discuss two impressive benefits of installing this shading system in your rooms.

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The Distinctive Style of Savant Shades

Why compromise on design when you need a dependable motorized shade? With Savant, you never will! In fact, their shades give your rooms a boost in ambiance. Built with a modern design aesthetic and meticulously crafted to exacting details, your new smart shades blend in beautifully with your home’s design motif. In addition, you have hundreds of designer fabrics to choose from, as well as a range of light transmission options that include translucent, sheer, or blackout.

One pain point from most shades is the hardware. The fabric may look beautiful, but the brackets can sometimes be an eyesore. Once again, Savant addresses this issue with stylish hardware that is designed to be seen. Choose between outside brackets or inside brackets in several colors: silver aluminum, black aluminum, white, or black. Also, Savant’s Negative Reveal Pocket System installs into an existing ceiling pocket to ensure a consistent and clean look.

Smart Shades for a Smart Environment

Gone are the days when you had to manually adjust your window treatments using cords and strings. Now, using your Savant smart tablet, the Savant Pro app, or the smart remote, you take control of your shades by tapping an icon, pressing a button, or saying a voice command. Control one shade, every shade in a room, or all the shades in your home. A shading system paired with smart lighting is a seamless way to bring natural light and artificial light into perfect harmony.

Set it and forget it! In addition to giving you one-touch control, the shading system can also be programmed to operate automatically. For instance, you can create scenes and set schedules based on the events in your life and the time of day. By selecting “Movie Night” in your tablet, you can make the shades lower in your home theater, as well as control all the technologies in your home entertainment space with one tap.

As the morning sun rises, your shades do the same, because you preprogrammed them to operate that way. The same is true in the evening. As the sun goes down, so do your shades. It’s a beautiful and convenient way to add more privacy and comfort to your home.

Interested in learning more about the benefits of Savant motorized shades? Call Home Theater of Long Island or fill out our online contact form today to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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