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Savant & Alexa: The Beginning of A Beautiful Friendship

Unlock the Remarkable Benefits of Living in a Smart Home with a Voice Control System

Savant & Alexa: The Beginning of A Beautiful Friendship

More and more people are using voice assistance with their smartphones. You probably do it too. If you’re looking for a restaurant, say, “best restaurants near me,” and top-rated dining establishments come up on your phone. Maybe you want to know the weather. That’s easy. Ask Siri, Google, or Alexa, “What will the weather be like today?” If you want to know the latest movies to stream on Netflix, just ask your phone or voice assistant, and you’ll get what you want.

But you may not realize that the same voice-assisted functionality appliesto your smart homein Manhasset, NY. In fact, Savant and Alexawork beautifully together to create a seamless and hands-free experience in your home. Keep reading to discover how  voice control systems elevate your lifestyle.

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Lighting Control

Not long ago, the idea of controlling technology by speaking to it was science fiction. Now, it is a common occurrence. Savant has taken that voice-control technology and put it into homes. By partnering with the Alexa voice assistant, you can speak to your Savant smart home to remotely adjust the lights. Say something like, “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights,” or “Alexa, dim the bedroom lights to half level.” And your home responds! Imagine the convenience of coming home when it’s darkand telling Alexa to turn on the lights for you. It’s like having your own personal AI butler!

Whole-Home Music

Most people don’t spring out of bed in the morning. It takes time to ease into your day. What better way than playing music through your whole-home audio system? But you won’t need to move a muscle if you have Alexa. Without even opening your eyes, you can tell Alexa to play your morning playlist at the volume level you want. Maybe you want to wake your daughter while you’re making breakfast. Say, “Alexa, play Disney playlist in Sarah’s bedroom.” There are so many creative and fun ways that Alexa, Savant, and your whole-home sound system can brighten your day. 

Home Theater 

Everybody likes movie night. Whether you’re watching the latest episode of WandaVision, or you’re re-watchinga classic movie, your voice assistant makes the entire experience more enjoyable. As you settle into your home theater seats, say the word to get started: “Alexa, movie night scene.” Because you’ve already programmed that scene into your Savant smart home system, Alexa is able to access it and adjust all the technologies for you. The lights dim, the motorized shades lower, and your TV and audio system power on. Now, just select the movie (with your voice), and get ready for the entertainment!

Home Security 

Did something go “bump” in the night? Alexa comes to the rescue. Instead of getting out of bed, tell Alexa to check the indoor and outdoor security cameras. She’ll let you know if anything is out of the ordinary. If you went to bed without locking your doors, Alexa can do that for you too. When you have smart locks, simply say, “Alexa, lock all the doors.” In addition, if you are watching TV and want to pull up a camera feed because you received a mobile alert, tell her to pause the show and pull up the feed on your TV. Your Savant smart home systemand Alexa work in tandem to ensure a safe and secure home.

Would you like to discover even more benefits of living in a smart home with an Alexa voice control assistant? Call Home Theater of Long Island or fill out our online contact page to schedule a consultation.

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