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A Savant Dealer Makes Your Home Smarter, Simpler, & More Sophisticated

Discover How a Home Automation System Intuitively Fits Your Luxury Lifestyle

A Savant Dealer Makes Your Home Smarter, Simpler, & More Sophisticated

Technology is an increasing part of our everyday lives – providing information, entertainment, comfort, and convenience. A smart home should enhance the way you live, coordinating disparate products and rooms into a personalized ecosystem that meets your needs and desires.

As a premier Savant dealer, we know there is a more intuitive way to satisfy the ways you work and play in your Manhasset, NY home. The sophisticated, straightforward control platform integrates tunable lighting, distributed media, and environmental conditions to create the ultimate smart home atmosphere for you. 

Are you ready to experience the personalized luxury a Savant system brings to your home? Then continue reading below to discover more.

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The Savant Advantage

The founders of Savant created products with the purpose of providing a more straightforward way to integrate complete home control. At the heart of every development is the mission to offer smart home capabilities that are both simple to use and start-of-the-art.

Rather than require dedicated and proprietary interfaces, they were among the first to utilize iPhones and iPads, utilizing graphical controls that most people already use. In addition, Savant offers integration with thousands of partner products that benefit every aspect of your life, and you are never limited to one provider or manufacturer of devices.

Whole-Home Audio

Music should be more than the background; it inspires and motivates, making you more creative and productive. With the ability to access songs and albums of the highest quality from anywhere in the world, you deserve a sound system that reproduces every nuance and note.

In the past whole-home audio required bundles of cable run throughout the house that were limited in distance without additional amplifiers. Savant is among the first to use AVB (Audio Video Bridging) technology to deliver digital HD audio over standard category cables over IP. Used by broadcasters and professional production companies, you are guaranteed future-friendly applications for years to come.

Using the Savant Pro App, select any source to fill any or all of your house's rooms with audiophile sound. Create some inspiration while making dinner, listen to soothing sounds while relaxing in the jacuzzi, or add some pep to the barbeque. The system allows you to natively stream high-definition songs from all popular platforms such as Qobuz, Amazon HD, Deezer, Spotify, and TIDAL.  

Focused on You

Home automation shouldn’t be cold and impersonal; it should fit how you and your family live. Savant gives you the control to personalize every aspect of your day and every room in the house.

Each member of your family can have their own unique routines and way of doing things, like setting the lights and raising the temperature when they enter a room. The system allows you to create personalized accounts where each can access their preferences and scenes. With Savant, everyone has controls suited to them.

Sophisticated Control Made Simple

Home automation adds luxury and convenience that fits your lifestyle. Are you ready to add the benefits of a Savant system to your home? Call us at 516-365-4434 or fill out our questionnaire to start the conversation.