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A Distributed Audio System Brings Unrivaled Sound to Your Home

Let High-Fidelity Audio Fill Your Home with Exquisite Sound

A Distributed Audio System Brings Unrivaled Sound to Your Home

Music has a powerful effect on humans. Healthline reports that it can stimulate the learning centers in our brains, improve our memories, and trigger the release of neurochemicals associated with happiness and social connectedness.

We listen to certain types of music for concentration and others for enjoyment or to improve our workouts. When friends come over, the first thing we do is pick out our favorite party playlists or get out our cherished vinyl.

Now, imagine this music playing throughout your whole home, filling the air as it travels out into the yard. It no longer comes from a source but drifts on air currents and surrounds you, no matter what room or space you’re in. That’s the power of a distributed audio system in your Great Neck, NY home.


What Is a Distributed Audio System? 

 Distributed audio, also known as whole-home audio, refers to a fully integrated audio system. All entertainment devices work as a cohesive unit. Whether listening to a podcast, streaming music, or watching your favorite show, it will all come from the same audio system. 
A centralized audio-video system means that the only components in each room are TV screens and speakers integrated seamlessly into your home's design. Our certified craftsmen can discuss your vision and then develop a plan to create the setup that’s best for you and your home. 
For instance, you may want to make a bold statement with a large HDR TV and tower floor standing speakers in your media room. In contrast, you may prefer a “hidden technology” approach in your living room and bedrooms. In those instances, barely visible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers make you wonder where the sound is coming from, and TVs hide behind paintings or mirrors, lower from ceilings, or appear from behind paneling parts. 

Zoned for Everyone’s Enjoyment

You can stream music from TIDAL, Spotify, Pandora, and other services, or put on an old record or your favorite CD and let the music fill your home. We’ll also program the system so that each room is zoned, enabling family members to simultaneously listen to audio from different sources.
Play soothing nature sounds in the bathroom while you’re relaxing in the tub, while another family member enjoys the big game in the family room. And someone else is in their bedroom, listening to an audiobook.

Enjoy Your Backyard

 We’ll strategically place discreet landscape speakers and in-ground subwoofers throughout your yard. These speakers blend into the surrounding foliage while creating an immersive sound field. So, whether you're gardening, grilling, or lounging poolside, the music or movie will seem to engulf you. We can even install in-pool speakers so that you can enjoy your favorite tunes as you swim laps or float lazily under the stars.   

Take Control   

 When combined with home automation, you can control your home audio from one easy-to-use interface. In fact, your whole smart home is controlled from one system: lighting, blinds, temperature, security, entertainment, and more are managed from a touchscreen, tablet, in-wall keypad, or smartphone.
Are you ready to experience high-performance sound throughout your home? Once you’ve heard a distributed audio system, there’s no going back. If you’d like to learn more about whole-home audio or schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Home Theater of Long Island today. 


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