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A Visually Stunning Experience for Any Home Theater

How Sony’s Ultra-Short-Throw 4K Projector Can Update Your Custom Home Theater

A Visually Stunning Experience for Any Home Theater

Home theaters come in all shapes in sizes. Some people want a modern theater with fiberoptic lighting, trendy décor, and leather seats with USB ports and all the electronic frills. Others prefer the classic feel. They want their custom home theater to look like ornately decorated movie theaters of the 1940s – complete with red curtains, upholstered seating, and antique lights.

Whatever the design you want, it’s essential to create a visual experience on the big screen that transports you to another world. The Sony ultra-short-throw (UST) projector does exactly that! Regardless of your design preferences or your room size, the UST by Sony will take your movie-viewing experience to a whole new level.

Learn how this projector, which sits as close as 8-inches from the wall, can provide an incredibly lifelike picture. Keep reading to see if your home theater in Armonk, NY needs a UST projector.

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The Perfect Projector for Any Space

A projector/screen system gives your home theater an authentic movie-theater vibe. Although Sony offers 4K Ultra HD TVs in many sizes, a projector makes you feel like you’re really at the movies. The problem is, if you have a smaller room, you may not be able to cast a large enough image on your screen by mounting a rear projector. Or perhaps you don’t want a projector hanging from the ceiling at all.

The ideal solution is an ultra-short throw projector from Sony. Sony’s innovative projector casts a crystal-clear and colorful image on your screen from only 8” away. From one end of the screen to the next, you’ll see a sharp and bright display that comes alive right before your eyes. It’s an impressive way to address space concerns and eliminate bulky projectors hanging in your home theater. Screen and display sizes go as large as 120”.  


Stunning Realism and Clarity

Not long ago, consumer projectors simply couldn’t compete with HD TVs. Now, things have changed. Sony’s native 4K projectors offer 8.8 million pixels – much better than HD. You’ll notice the difference. The laser light source uses 2500 lumens to produce amazingly realistic images. Whether you’re watching a movie in your home theater while immersed in hi-fi audio from your surround sound system, or you’re binge-watching your favorite TV show in your living room, you’ll feel like you’re right in the center of the action.

The Z-Phosphor laser light generates the brightness needed for vibrant images across the entire screen. The display technology (the 4K SXRD™) Sony developed uses an ultra-fast response rate – 2.5 milliseconds! Everything you watch is clear and blur-free. It also minimizes the space between pixels, creating smoother images. Once Home Theater of Long Island installs a short-throw projector in your private cinema space, you’ll never want to go back to watching movies the same way.


Would you like to learn more about Sony’s short-throw projector? Call Home Theater of Long Island at 516-365-HIFI or fill out our online contact form to get started. We look forward to hearing from you.

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